· Wei Lai introduced former New Oriental Chief Financi…

Although Jia Yueting has lost the "control" of LeTV for his own dream of building a car, another new car-making force - Wei Lai has not been affected by this, and the action continues! Following the latest production car, the Weilai ES8 was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. According t[…]

Mango Garden used soil tester to improve soil cost effi…

Good soil can produce good crops and produce good fruits so that farmers can survive for generations. Therefore, it can be said that soil is the root of farmers and it is closely related to human survival. In actual production, we know that only scientific and reasonable fertilization ca[…]

New Road Sweeper: Set sweeping and paving

The following is a new type of road sweeper shown by everyone. The road sweeper in this new type of special vehicle can not only complete the task of ground flushing, but also can deal with the problem of oil pollution on the road surface. New road sweeper The car uses a German Mann chassi[…]

Security inspection machine image recognition methods?

In order to protect everyone's safety, security inspection machines are currently used in many places. Common places include train stations, bus stations, subway stations, and airports. In the end, what are the methods of image identification? How do you know that some items are dangerous? The[…]

Working conditions and influencing factors

Different types of activated carbon have different microporous structures due to their different raw materials and activation methods, and there are also great differences in performance related to gold adsorption. Therefore, the use of activated carbon as an adsorbent for the carbon slurry process[…]

Qingzhou Luhao Sand Mine Machinery Parts Factory

Qingzhou Lu Hao sand mining machinery parts factory located in the tourist city --- industrial machinery manufacturing base in Weifang, Shandong Qingzhou, rail road transport facilities, highways cross freely, Green Bank, long-Shenzhen Expressway from my company puts in front of a bridge . The com[…]

Platinum mine

Platinum is a rare, soft, silvery white metal, very heavy. Platinum metal and its homologues - ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium and gold, almost completely to elemental state exists in nature. They are also close to gold in the earth's crust, and their chemical inertia is comparab[…]