Domestic product oil prices rose the most on Wednesday …

From a number of social monitoring agencies, it has been learned that the restricted production message continues to ferment, and that the international oil price is even more positive around the time, and the rate of change in crude oil continues to increa[…]

Why is a thermocouple shunted in flow?

As a temperature measurement sensor, armored thermocouples are usually used together with temperature transmitters, regulators, and display instruments to form process control systems for direct measurement or control of fluids in the 0-1800°C range of various production processes. Steam and ga[…]

The cause of auto ignition

The maintenance of the car is closely related to our daily driving safety. Only by caring for the vehicle can we be able to let ourselves go and be safe. Let's talk about the cause of the car's spontaneous combustion and the related preventive measu[…]

Water bath thermostat oscillator motor how to choose

The water bath thermostatic oscillator is a biochemical instrument with a temperature-controllable constant temperature water bath and an oscillator, and is mainly applicable to various large and medium-sized institutions, medical, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monit[…]

Garbage truck prices show an upward trend in the gradua…

Garbage truck prices show an upward trend in the gradual elimination of garbage trucks Judging from the latest list of vehicles exempted from purchase tax by the State Administration of Taxation, the exemption for the National Waste Garbage Vehicle declare[…]

The temperature illuminance recorder has a basis for ad…

The current widespread use of greenhouses is very large. In many areas, the development of facility agriculture is regarded as the basic policy for improving the agricultural production effect and quality in the region. Therefore, greenhouses can be said to be blooming everywhere. Of cou[…]

Bohai Pistons passed the on-site assessment of the inte…

Recently, the audit team of China Knowledge (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. conducted an on-site audit of the intellectual property system of Bohai Pistons . Bohai Pistons The audit team reviewed the company’s “engine piston, Piston Pin R&D, production, and sales” k[…]