8*4 Explosion-Proof Van Truck, Explosion-Proof Transport Truck

Model NO.: CLW097DF9TK
Seats: ≤5
Horsepower: 251-350hp
Engine Capacity: >8L
Heat Preservation Type: Steel Corrugated Plate
Tire Certification: ISO
Tire Design: Radial
Condition: New
Cab: 3
Axle: 4
Chassis Brand: Dongfeng HOWO FAW JAC Jmc Foton
Type of Drive: LHD Rhd
Trademark: CLW
Transport Package: Nude or Wax Covered
Specification: 11980*2495*3590, 3290(mm)
Origin: Hubei, China
HS Code: 8701909000
Product Description
General Description
1 Driving type 8*4,left hand drive
2 Overall Dimension 11980×2495×3590,3290(mm)
3 Gross Vehicle Weight 30800(Kg)
4 Kerb weight 13510(Kg)
5 Rated Payload 17095(Kg)
6 Wheel base 1900+5000+1300,1950+4250+1300(mm)
7 Fuel type diesel
8 Tire Nos 12
9 Tire Specs 11.00R20,11.00-20,12.00R20,12.00-20
10 Passengers 3
11 Gearbox 10 speed level,manual
12 Cargo size 9320×2380×2120,1850(mm)
Engine Description
1 Brand Dongfeng Cummins
2 Model C260 20
3 Displacement 8300mL
4 Emission Standard EURO 3
5 Rated Power 191kw/260hp
6 Maximum Speed 90km/h
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8*4 Explosion-Proof Van Truck, Explosion-Proof Transport Truck
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8*4 Explosion-Proof Van Truck, Explosion-Proof Transport Truck
Our Company

8*4 Explosion-Proof Van Truck, Explosion-Proof Transport Truck

Hubei Chengli Group is located in Chengli auto industry park, Pingyuan town, southern suburb of Suizhou, Hubei. Suizhou is known as Shennong's native land, chime's hometown and "China's Special Vehicle Capital". 
It is also the manufacturer of domestic well-known special vehicles used in landscape, petrochemical industry, the municipal environmental sanitation, and pressure vessel.
The registered trademark of which is "Chengliwei", and the product code is "CLW". It's the important partner of Dongfeng and Jiefang. And mainly engaged in manufacturing all kinds of special vehicles and selling full vehicle and fittings to large-scale manufacturers. 
The company is a hightech enterprise in hubei province and has passed the certification of ISO9001,ISO16949,GJB9001 and CCC authentication of automobile products. 

Advantages of our products
1.Our company ChengLi Special Automobile Co.,LTD has manufactured special truck for decades.
2.Our company possesses some advanced technologies and mature craftworks.
3.The truck produced  by us has high quality and low price.
4.Our  trucks are equiped with high quality and efficient equipments.
5.Our trucks are completely produced according to your demands and needs, they are special, professional and unique  for you.

Our Partners
8*4 Explosion-Proof Van Truck, Explosion-Proof Transport Truck
1.You are factory or trading Company?
We are overseas sales department of Chengli automobile and you are always welcomed to visit our factory.
2.Could your company modify the standard product depends on my request? 
Yes. Our company is specialized in researching and designing various of special purpose vehicle and spare parts. We can provide any product according to your demand.
3.Could your company totally customize products for me?
We can provide the customized-designing product meeting with any of your demand.
4.Could you provide certification that we need?
We can provide various certifications associated with trailer and truck. Such as DOT, ADR, SASO and so on.
5.How long could we receive our goods?
It depends on the product that you have ordered. If the goods are prepared, we will deliver your goods as soon as possible.Usually it takes 30~45 days to produce them.
6.How about the after-sale service?
We can provide you the technical support to guide you repaire your product. And we will also send original spare parts free of charge by air. If you have special need, we can let our engineer to help you in person.Remember the guarantee period is one year or 12 months.

Chloe Chen
Sales manager
Chengli special automobile

8*4 Explosion-Proof Van Truck, Explosion-Proof Transport Truck

If you are interested in any product of our company,do not hesitate!Just contact me and the best service is waiting for you!

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