SmithsDetection Launches Next Generation Non-Radioactive Explosives Detector

CNET Science and Technology Information Network, Beijing, October 28: Smiths Detection has introduced the next generation of explosive trace detectors for global aviation and infrastructure security.

Its compact, portable design and ease of use can reduce the cost of detecting many high-threat explosives and shorten the detection time.

The IONSCAN 600 uses far more technology than its predecessor, the IONSCAN 500DT. The IONSCAN 500DT has been widely used from airport security to packet monitoring. The breakthrough features of the latest IONSCAN 600 are derived from a proprietary, non-radioactive ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) source that eliminates the need for special licenses and other operations or cleanup to complete the test.

The IONSCAN 600 weighs 23 pounds (10.4 kg) and has a built-in handle that is easy to carry. The IONSCAN 600's battery is hot-swappable, has long-lasting sampling and analysis capabilities, and can be used continuously on the move. One-time scan detection reduces operating costs.

IONSCAN 600 was demonstrated in detail at the United States International Safety Equipment Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia, from September 29 to October 2.

Smiths Detection, headquartered in Edgewood, Maryland, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Smiths Group. The company is committed to designing and manufacturing leading systems and solutions for detecting and identifying various threats, including explosives, chemical agents, biohazards, nuclear weapons, radiation, drugs, weapons, and smuggled goods. The company has created specialized products for clients and manages various projects, such as the US Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, and has worked with the U.S. federal government and state government agencies and emergency agencies to enhance homeland security and defend the military. There are approximately 23,000 employees around the world, including more than 9,000 employees in the United States, and conduct business in approximately 100 locations in 40 US states.

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