What problems should be paid attention to when using the seed germination box to carry out the seed germination test?

The seed germination box is a special instrument for carrying out the seed germination test and measuring the seed germination rate. At present, the technical level and the stability of the seed germination box are also constantly increasing, so it is very convenient to use it for the seed germination test. If used properly, it can not only effectively improve the efficiency of seed germination test, shorten the test period, but also improve the accuracy of the seed germination rate measurement results. However, if the application is not appropriate, then there may be no way to achieve the best performance of the instrument. The measured seed germination rate will also have a certain deviation from the actual value. Therefore, we will introduce the seed germination box for seed germination. What problems should be noted in the test?

Seed germination box

First, some workers used the seed germination box to conduct seed germination tests and found that the measured germination rate was lower than the actual germination rate of the field sowing. The result of the measurement was found to be because the temperature and humidity in the seed germination box was too high during the seed germination test, resulting in high temperature inside the box, high humidity, and lack of air. The seeds were more susceptible to mold in this environment. Some of the seeds could not germinate due to mildew. Therefore, it can be seen that the seed germination test using the seed germination box is not a better temperature and humidity in the box, but should be determined based on the characteristics of the seed germination, and the temperature and humidity can be accurately adjusted.
For example, in the seed germination box, germination tests such as corn, cotton and wheat are carried out. Generally, the temperature is 26°C for maize, 28°C for cotton, and 20°C for wheat. Secondly, the natural environment should also be simulated, and temperature change tests should be used to make the temperature conditions inside the box close to the natural world, with a difference between high and low temperatures. The temperature range is 12~25°C for maize, 15~25°C for cotton, and 10~20°C for wheat. In addition, after entering the middle and late stages of germination, the humidity and temperature of the bed should also be reduced to obtain a good sprout. The seed germination rate determined in this way will be more in line with the actual germination rate of field sowing.

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