Seat belt technical requirements Qingdao Zhongbang

Seat belts, ropes, and metal fittings must meet the damage load indicator.

The belt must be a full one with a width of 40-50mm and a length of 1300-1600mm. Attach a small bag to the waistband.

The width of the belt is not less than 80mm and the length is 600~700mm. The belt contacts the waist with a soft material, and the outer layer is wrapped in a webbing or light leather with rounded edges and no corners.

The safety rope diameter is not less than 13mm and the twist is 8.5~9/100 (flower/mm). The diameter of the sling and the surrounding rod rope is not less than 16mm, and the twist is 7.5/100 (flower/mm). Welders must use the hanging ropes to add all the sleeves. Other hanging ropes should only be partially jacketed and the hanging ropes should not be jacketed. The rope should be braided with 3 to 4 twists and pressures. The rope must not be tight.

In the square box with a foldable head stitching, a metal rivet with a diameter of 4.5 mm or more is used. Underneath the leather and metal washers, the riveted surface should be smooth and clean. The color and the band color of the suture are the same. The color of the tape is mainly dark green, grass green, orange, dark yellow, followed by white.

Metal hooks must have safety devices, with the exception of special railway hooks. When the teeth of the self-locking hook are used on the wire rope, the hardness is Rockwell HRC60. The effective number of metal hook-and-mosquito springs is not less than 20,000 times. The hooks and hooks must be flat and must not be skewed. The surface of the metal fittings is smooth and free of pits and cracks; the edges are rounded; the surface must be rust proof.

Metal accessories ring, half-ring, triangle ring, 8-word ring, product ring, three links, no welding, edge into a circular arc. The adjustment ring only allows butt welding.

Signs and packaging: Metal fittings should be marked with the name of the manufacturer. The belt of the seat belt should be sewn with a permanent mark of the trademark, certificate of conformity and verification. Safety rope should be added on behalf of the production plant for identification.

The certificate shall state: product name, production date, tensile test 4412.7N (450kgf), impact weight 100kg, manufacturer's name, inspector's name, etc.

Each seatbelt is contained in a plastic bag. Bags are printed with: product name, production year, static load 4412.7N (450kgf), impact weight 100kg, manufacturer's name and use of storage precautions.

The box of the product should indicate: product name, quantity, packing date, volume and weight, manufacturer's name and name of the unit to be delivered. According to the demand side, the packaging of the product is allowed to change, but the supply and demand sides should be in agreement and have written basis.

The size and marking of the packing box shall meet the requirements of GB4892-85 and GB190-85 and GB191-85.

Transportation and Storage: During transportation, it is necessary to prevent the sun and rain. Do not use hooked tools when handling.

Seat belts should be stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse and exposed to high temperatures, open flames, strong acids, and sharp, hard objects. Long-term exposure to sunlight is also not allowed.

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