Car self-maintenance precautions

Now people's lives are getting better and better, so they are more concerned about the use and maintenance of the car. The general thing after buying a car is to handle the maintenance project of the car. I hope that my car will be used the same every day as the new car. The car has become an indispensable pedestal for people. Do you know how to maintain your car ? Generally speaking, the self-maintenance has to say that the car's own maintenance precautions , self-maintenance is actually no concept, look at the owner's mood, but some must be maintained can not see the mood.


1. After a period of time, the engine of the car must be cleaned. Because people's habits often cause carbon deposits and other phenomena in the engine, it is very likely that corroded parts will occur if not cleaned in time, and engine carbon deposits will also affect the driving of the car. In severe cases, it can affect the power of the car and make the steering wheel shake, which is very dangerous.

2, the appearance of the car, generally speaking, the appearance of the car is actually the protection of the car paint, the general car paint protection is better, the car looks newer, the car business is not good, the car looks longer. The car's old and new mainly look at the face, we are all people who love face, so we must give the car paint maintenance. The most basic maintenance is waxing, polishing, sealing glaze and so on. Many people will also directly plate the car, which will last longer and look brighter, but the price is higher.


3, car wash, car wash can not be too frequent but can not always wash the car, this is what you need to master. It is usually enough to wash the car once every two weeks. Long-term car wash can easily lead to corrosion of the chassis of the car. When we wash the car, the water is forgotten, so there will be a lot of water drops on the site, which is very humid. At that time, when we cleaned the car, there was no habit of cleaning the chassis, so long-term car wash is likely to corrode the chassis. Causes the next part of the car to rust.

4, the glass inside the car is easy to fog, generally open the air conditioner just fine, first open the cold to remove the fog, and then open the heat for heating. A good driving habit not only helps us better maintain the car, but also protects our lives and property. Everyone should know what to maintain when they are self-maintaining.


Car self-maintenance precautions, how to automate the maintenance of the car to everyone, and once the bus is in use, just make sure that you have no bad habits, in fact, it is very good for the car. Because a bad habit is likely to break a car, we have to change our bad habits, such as sudden braking, idling, etc. These effects are not only the engine of the car but also our safety when driving. So be sure to pay attention when driving.

Self Locking Sheet Roll Forming Machine
Descriptions of Roll Forming Machine for Roof Panel, Wall Panel: 
1.This kind of Cold Roll Forming Machine is widely used for making various metal wall panels and roof panels for steel constructions, steel structure projects and containment systems etc. 
2. This production line consists of feeding unit, uncoiler, feeding guide, roll forming machine, cutter, automatic stacker, hydraulic system and electric control system.
3. The line speed of this panel forming machine is 40m/min. 
Components of Roll Forming Machine for Roof Panel, Wall Panel: 
1) Un-coiler:
Electric un-coiler, with coil-car
Load capacity = Max.10Tons;
2) Roll forming machine:
About 18steps to form; 
Material of Roller: 45# steel with chromizing on surface 
Voltage:380V/50Hz; Main line speed: 40m/min;
3) Hydraulic cutter:
1) Stop to cut, Post cut, 
2) Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment
4) PLC control system:
Using Mitsubishi PLC Control the quantity, length automatically, LCD screen; remote control available.
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Self Locking Roll Forming Machine

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