Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Gas/ Liquid / Surrly

Model NO.: CG-06
Measuring Media: Gas, Liquid, Surrly
Measuring Principle: Coriolis
Measurement Object: Closed Pipeline
Certification: CE
Trademark: Sealand
Transport Package: 1 Set / Carton
Specification: SS316L
Origin: Zhejiang

Instroduction of Mass Flow Meter 

The mass flow meter is designed and produced according to world's latest Coriolis technology, with better appearance, stability and accuracy to measure mass flow rate of a fluid traveling through a tube, widely applied to alternative energy, oil & gas, chemical, food & beverage, industrial energy, marine, metals and mining, power, pulp & paper, water & wastewater industries, etc.

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Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Gas/ Liquid / Surrly

The Parameters of Mass Flow Meter

Mass flow meter CG-06 consists of sensor & transmitter
Specifications of sensor
Gas accuracy ±0.5%
Liquid accuracy ±0.2%
Temp. accuracy ±1°C
Loss of pressure ≤0.2MPa
Temp. rating -50°C~+200°C
End connection Flange, customizable
Ex-proof grade Ex[ib]IIBT1~T6 Gb / Ex[ib]IICT1~T6 Gb
Specifications of transmitter
Temp. rating -20°C~+50°C
RH ≤95%, non condensed
Atmospheric Pressure 86~106 kPa
Operating voltage AC85~265V, DC24V
Communication port RS485 Modbus RTU
Ex-proof grade Exd[ib]IIBT4Gb
Main parameters of mass flow meter
Model no. CG-06
Mass accuracy grade 0.2
Temperature accuracy ±1°C
Zero stability 0.003kg/min
Repeatability 0.25%
Max. flow rate 18kg/min
Nominal diameter 6mm
Fluid temperature -200~200°C
Wetted parts Stainless steel 316L
Sensor housing Stainless steel 304
Packing 1set/carton
Warranty 2 years
Package size 390*390*310mm
G.W. 6.99kgs

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Gas/ Liquid / Surrly

Diemnsion of Mass Flow Meter CG-06

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Gas/ Liquid / Surrly

Installations of Mass Flow Meter CG-06

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Gas/ Liquid / Surrly

Packing of Mass Flow Meter CG-06

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Gas/ Liquid / Surrly

Our company
Be founded in 2009;
Building area: 40,000 m2;
Registered Capital: CNY 45 million;
R&D of Coriolis mass flow meter since 1990.
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter for Gas/ Liquid / Surrly

Why Sealand?

1. Sealand is professional, with senior engineers from the first research team in this field in China, and junior one from college, to keep improving.
2. Sealand is experienced. It started to research and develop in 1990. All employees are stable here; even the production-line workers have worked here for more than 5 years.
3. Sealand mass flowmeter can be used in many fields, with a flowrate from 0 to 3000kg/min, and the connection ends are customizable.
4. Sealand strictly controls the quality from raw material to finished products, and all products will be inspected and tested before shipment.
5. Sealand cooperates with efficient logistics, to help cut down the shipping cost and time.
6. The warranty is 2 years, but technical support is always available.

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