High-strength valve cover pump field test showed a benign development

Recently, the high-strength valve cover pump in Dagang Oilfield Company Wuchang field trial achieved remarkable results, completely solve the small size of the traditional ordinary pump (diameter 38 mm to 57 mm pump) on-site use of the valve cover off the problem, the structure and flow Road adaptability of the field test also achieved satisfactory results. Currently, three kinds of small-size pump on-site test of a Taiwan, a long time of continuous production has reached more than 3 months, short more than 1 month, the scene reflects the good production. The problem of the production of the valve on the suction pump has plagued the production of machineries by oil fields for several decades. It is an important factor and potential hazard for the shutdown of oil wells. There are 397 pumping wells in No.5 Oil Extraction Plant, of which the total number of pumping wells below 57 mm in diameter reaches more than 200. In order to alleviate the production contradiction between the oil production plant and the whole oilfield valve closure and eliminate or substantially reduce such shutdown wells, the technical personnel of the fifth factory developed and used the high-strength valve cover pump after years of research and development. High-strength valve cover pump valve on the movers Seoul valve and valve Seoul flow channel structure improvements, follow the API international standards. The new structure, on the basis of improving the bearing area of ​​the upper movable valve, enlarges the flow area of ​​the upper and lower plunger of the plunger, solves the problem of the abrasion of the valve cover and reduces the liquid passing through the group of the plunger Flow coefficient. The field test production of high-strength valve cover pump showed a benign development trend, achieved the purpose of optimization and structural design improvement, adapted to the needs of on-site production, and eliminated the shutdown well caused by valve closure.

Hose Connector

Plastic hose connector is suitable for connecting liquid, gas transmission pipelines. 

This push-in connector is made of PA66 or PA12+30%GF, and can be with o-ring. 

It is very simple for connecting, just push hose onto the connector.

Hose Connector

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