Autumn Chinese Cabbage Fertilizer Management

The Chinese cabbage seedling period generally refers to the emergence of about eighty-nine true leaves. This period generally requires the principle of “three-water seedlings and five-water setting trees”. That is, the first water is poured on the sowing day, and the seedlings are topped with soil. After the water is poured out, it is poured with water again; in addition, water is poured once after two seedlings and one seedling. Generally, during the time of breaking the heart and after each seedling, topdressing is carried out, mainly with thin decomposed manure.
After the Chinese cabbage has been planted, it will grow 15 to 16 leaves from the group tree to the Chinese cabbage. During the rosette period of Chinese cabbage, it should be applied to the tree when it begins to grow. Usually, organic manure is applied at 667 square meters. 500 ~ 1000kg or topdressing urea 10kg, and appropriate increase in phosphorus and potassium fertilizer or plant ash or superphosphate and potassium sulfate. After the fertilization, the water was poured once and then the soil was kept dry and wet during the rosette period.

dredge pumps ranging from inlet diameters of 400mm up to 1400mm. Our CFD optimized pumps have an excellent suction performance, high efficiency, long wear life and require a minimum of maintenance. The pumps can be delivered in different types of wear resistant materials, and can be executed in a large number of different configurations. 

Photo of our Dredging Pump:

Dredging Pump

Single-Walled Dredge Pumps
single-walled dredge pumps are `all-round` and used in all types of dredgers. They are designed for typical pump pressures up to 16 bars, and can be excecuted with different types of pump seals such as: stuffing box, mechnical seal or hydro seal.

Double-Walled Dredge Pumps
double-walled dredge pumps are specially designed for high pressures, starting typically from 16 up to 30 bars. The double-walled pump design is based on the concept of pressure compensation between the outer-,  and inner-pump casing. All types of configurations are possible such as 3,4 and 5 vane impellers, and casted or welded outer-casings.

Underwater Dredge Pumps
The underwater dredge pumps are used in cases where the highest possible suction performance is required. They basically have the same possibilities and options as our single-walled pumps have. Depending on our clients' preference they are executed with direct motor drive or integrated gearbox, with or without pressure compensation.

Collection in our storehouse. Inspection of pattern in our workshop. 
Pieces cast with wrong pattern due to insufficient inspection of pattern are rejected.
Free delivery of pattern (in good condition) with last cast piece of order to our client or stored in our workshop for future new production but with time-limited or quantity-bound.
2)Cast pieces
The use of the cast pieces requires other chemical analysis and mechanical properties (unless otherwise mentioned on drawing). 
Cast pieces group S (Wear) : 
Impellers, pumphousings, dredge lines (bends, branchpipes, etc.)
Cast pieces group C (Construction) :
Other pieces as pivots, rod eyes, wire sheaves etc.
3)cast seel
C:0.30-0.36%         Si:0.60%MAX
Mn:0.60-1.00%       Cr:1.00-1.70%
 Ni:3.00-4.00%         Mo:0.30-0.60% S:0.025%MAX         P:0.03%MAX 
V:0.05%MAX          Cu:0.30%MAX  
4)cast iron
Cast pieces are presented in our workshop, for inspection of dimensions and hardness after sandblasting and machining but before conservation and painting. Measurements are carried out by our services and deviations are sanctioned as follows:
At stress concentration area, MT&PT to check the crack, the qualified standard is no crack at these area.

Dredging Pump

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