Stainless steel riot weighing module

Stainless steel riot weighing module

Imported stainless steel welded sealed sensor, IP68 protection, can be used in a variety of harsh environments

Weigh Module Sensor Meets OIMLR60C3 and NTEP10000IIIL Requirements

Self-stabilizing pressure head design maintains correct loading position and repeatable weighing

Weighing module with adjustable horizontal limit bolt

Easy to install, fast

Weighing module is easy to maintain, saving downtime and maintenance time

Applicable to weighing and process weighing control for horizontal impact applications such as conveyor roller scales

Stainless steel riot weighing module application scope:

Capacity: 0.5,1,2,5,10,15,20t

Load: Dynamic Load

Weigh Module Environment: Explosion-proof

Application: Platform, raceway, assembly line

Weighing module technical indicators:

Rated capacity (T): 0.5,1,2,3,5,10,15,20

Weighing module sensitivity (mV/V): 2±0.002

Safety Overload (%RC): 50

Extreme overload (%RC): 300

Weighing module protection class: IP67

Stainless steel riot weighing module after-sales service:

Responsible for installing and commissioning the equipment ordered by the user free of charge until normal operation;

At the installation site, users are provided with free training services for basic operations and daily maintenance.

From the date of equipment acceptance and acceptance, the original manufacturer's standard warranty regulations will provide warranty services for the equipment of this project;

Freely upgrade the original factory standard warranty service to on-site warranty service;

Freely upgrade the original manufacturer's standard warranty service to lifelong warranty service, and the equipment outside the warranty period will only be charged at the cost price for the failure accessory fee, free of labor costs;

Service response time is 24 hours.

Will provide free technical advice on system and hardware upgrades;

Users will be given product technology related information on a regular basis;

Will visit the user from time to time or on a phone call to understand the operation of the system and equipment, and solve the user's problem on site

Stainless steel riot weighing module service

We will undertake maintenance and repair services for large instruments to ensure the normal use of each instrument and maintain the best performance; when problems are encountered

Solve the fastest speed. For general equipment and equipment, we provide a one-year limited warranty and provide lifetime paid repair services. While I

We will provide every user with the latest technical maintenance and upgrade information for related equipment and equipment as much as possible. We have dedicated personnel for after-sale technical services

Perform timely due diligence.

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Stainless steel riot weighing module

————Stainless Steel Vandal Weighing Module Troubleshooting and Solution

1. When the electronic scale is turned on, the display shows numbers and there is no regular jump.

Solution: In this type of problem, consider that the junction box is too heavy and should be blown with a hair dryer.

2. Weighing results are light or heavy after normal boot.

Solution: Recalibrate the electronic scale according to the instruction manual. If the problem is still not resolved after calibration, consider that the sensor has been damaged.

3. After weighing, remove the weighing object and the display is not reset.

Solution: The above situation should be that the line is damaged and the signal is attenuated. Check the electronic loadometer data line carefully for any damage. If any, replace it in time.

4. Weighing is that the display shows unstable numbers.

Solution: Check whether the weighbridge is in the horizontal plane and readjust its position.

5. When the power is turned on, the electronic floor scale display does not respond.

Solution: Check carefully that the power cable is intact and the monitor cable is in good condition. Find damage and replace it immediately.

The above cases are general faults. If the problem is simple, the problem still exists. Should be handed over to professionals, do not open it by yourself.

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