Conformity between certificate number and engine number

As we all know, the certificate of a car is just as important as the birth certificate of a newborn baby. Newborn babies cannot register if they do not have a birth certificate.

The vehicle's certificate of qualification is also the necessary document for entering the household and the license. Only the vehicle with the certificate can meet the requirements of the national motor vehicle equipment quality and related marks. If you purchase a new car, the vehicle's certificate of conformity cannot be obtained in time, and you will not be able to go through the formalities for entering your home. The vehicle belongs to the “black household”. It means no license, no permit, it is not allowed to drive on the road. There is also worth our attention is that even if the certificate is in hand, but if the certificate number and the engine number do not match, then this certificate is still the same, will also cause the car can only be used as a "black car" idle home.

Mr. Run, the owner of the vehicle in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, purchased a 2016 1.8TDCT distinguished Zotye Z700 on July 18 this year in Guanghan Huafei.

After three days of picking up the car, Mr. Run brought relevant documents and went to the local vehicle management office to prepare for the registration of his car. However, in the process of applying for vehicle-to-home business, the staff of the vehicle management office informed Mr. Run that the vehicle's certificate number and the engine number were inconsistent and could not be processed. Mr. Run was stunned on the spot and carefully checked the engine number of the vehicle with the certificate. He found that the number of digits on the certificate was 3275, and the engine number was 3375. The numbers were inconsistent.

Subsequently, Mr. Run drove back to the dealership and informed the staff of the situation that the certificate number and the engine number did not match. The dealer’s staff also expressed no knowledge that it will help contact the manufacturer to solve the problem. Because Mr. Run has already formally referred to the car and was unable to handle the return service, he had to go home and wait for the dealer to reply. Mr. Run believes that if the factory certification authority is rigorous, then the car may have problems or be assembled vehicles; if the engine number is correct, then the certification is misprinted. While waiting for the dealer's reply, Mr. Run also changed the certificate number 3375 to the vehicle management office to re-enter the household registration procedures. However, the vehicle management office failed to upload the vehicle information, indicating that the certificate was false, and the vehicle information database did not have any The data proves that this car is officially legal. Now that two months have passed, the dealers stated that they are still negotiating more manufacturers and they are unable to give a reply. Mr. Run’s car has also temporarily become a “black household”.

Xiao Bian Comments: In this remind consumers, consumers in the car to buy a detailed understanding of dealers operating qualifications and after-sales service. When signing a motor vehicle sales contract, it is necessary to stipulate in detail the information of the vehicle ordered, the date of delivery of the vehicle, etc. Do not rely too much on verbal commitments. You can agree on the contract in advance: “When the car is delivered, the seller delivers the certificate , overdue compensation for economic losses. "If the certificate does not reach hand, do not mention the car. Even if the certificate is in hand, we must keep an extra heart. The first time we check the engine number on the certificate is the same as the number of the engine above the car. If it is inconsistent, we must not mention the car. Xiao Bian deliberately searched the Internet and found that the dealer selling new cars to Mr. Run's dealer Guanghan Hua Fei is a second-tier dealer operating multiple automobile brands, not a 4S shop. If so, the secondary dealers Only the questions can be fed back to the 4S shop on the head, and the 4S shop can give feedback to the manufacturers, so it will slow down the processing efficiency of the entire incident. From this we can see that when consumers buy a new car, they still choose a regular 4S shop to be more reliable.

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