·Chuangli Group plans to set up a new energy vehicle operation company with 100 million yuan

Chuangli Group (603012) announced on the evening of September 13 that the company plans to invest RMB 100 million to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Chuangli New Energy Automobile Operation Co., Ltd. (tentative name), and authorized Chuangli to operate the company. The Board of Directors invests abroad and establishes and manages wholly-owned or controlled subsidiaries in areas with abundant market resources and advantages such as cost and management, and develops new energy vehicle leasing and operation management; new energy intelligent charging service; new energy vehicles and spare parts. Sales, new energy vehicle maintenance, technology development, technical consulting, technical services and technology transfer in the field of IoT technology.
The announcement said that the company seized the opportunity of new energy vehicles development and quickly cut into the field of new energy vehicles in April 2016. Under the current market situation, actively explore innovative business models, improve the layout of upstream and downstream of the new energy industry chain with the company's existing market capabilities, and accelerate the sales, operation, leasing and maintenance services of new energy vehicles in the terminal field as soon as possible. It is a more favorable position to occupy the new energy automobile industry chain and has positive significance for promoting the development of listed companies. According to the company's "double main business" strategic development arrangement, the implementation of this project will lay a solid foundation for the listed company to achieve development planning and business development goals, and further strengthen the company's competitiveness and improve the company's profitability, which is the company's new profit growth. point.
Tianfeng Securities recently reported that the coal machine has not yet stabilized, but with the slow recovery of the downstream coal industry, it is expected that the coal machine market demand is expected to improve next year. Future coal de-capacity will promote the optimization of the industry structure. It is an irresistible trend to upgrade the production automation rate and equipment upgrade of large-scale coal mines, which will help the leading coal mining enterprises such as Chuangli Group to take the opportunity to expand their market share. The company is transforming its dual main business strategy. By deeply binding AVIC New Energy, it will benefit from the new energy logistics vehicle in the future. The long-term capacity planning of AVIC New Energy is 400,000 units. At present, there are already batch orders from logistics companies and distributors. At present, there is a strong demand for the new energy vehicle business in the founding group. In the second half of 2016, the company's 200 million Ah battery pack and supporting motor electronic control capacity is expected to be put into production ahead of schedule. At that time, it will supply batteries, motors and electronic control systems for AVIC New Energy.
According to industry insiders, the Chuangli Group set up a new energy vehicle operation company with 100 million yuan to improve the layout of listed companies in the new energy automobile industry chain, promote the realization of the strategic transformation of the company's dual main business, and create new profit growth. point.

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