The "going out" strategy of lighting enterprises in the era of meager profit

A few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference, saying that in the first seven months of this year, the amount of overseas mergers and acquisitions in China has exceeded the total amount of transactions last year. Chinese enterprises have implemented 459 overseas M&A projects, involving 63 countries and regions, covering 15 industries. In the LED lighting industry, after more than a month, many industry insiders still succeeded in winning the Chinese consortium, which was led by strategic investors IDG Capital, and limited partners such as Mulinsen and Yiwu State-owned Capital Operation Center, which won over 400 million euros. The event of Dewans’ bid was relished. The internationalization strategy has long been a major strategic goal for many well-thought-out listed companies in the industry. Overseas mergers and acquisitions are naturally not a new topic. From time to time, a news of Chinese lighting companies making overseas mergers and acquisitions has earned a lot of attention. In recent years, overseas mergers and acquisitions have become one of the ways for Chinese LED lighting companies to quickly gain opportunities in overseas markets and truly enter the global market. In the context of the global economic downturn and the downturn of the Chinese economy, the overall market demand growth of the lighting industry in 2016 slowed down, showing a steady upward trend, with the market demand gradually being Inspired, the market competition is more and more cruel, the price war between enterprises is still fierce, the profits are becoming weaker, and the whole LED lighting industry will enter the era of low profit. Faced with the intensified competition in the domestic market and the pressure of continuous compression of profit margins, LED lighting companies have set their sights on overseas markets, hoping to go out and explore new opportunities and seek new growth, and with the implementation of the China-made 2025 strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative, Going out has ushered in an important strategic window. It is understood that through overseas mergers and acquisitions, enterprises can quickly acquire overseas patents, advanced production technologies and a good customer base, and gain the right to speak in the global industry competition. However, LED lighting companies are actively deploying international strategies. In addition to acquiring overseas lighting brands, they can also vigorously develop overseas lighting markets with superior products and improve the construction of overseas channel networks. By joining forces with overseas local companies, they can quickly enter overseas markets. Establishing subsidiaries overseas, targeting and arranging local market segments; strengthening overseas sales force and innovating overseas sales models; committed to building overseas brands and becoming an industry leader in overseas LED lighting products, etc., to promote the company's continuous development into the global market. Mulinsen accelerates into overseas markets Mulinsen has actively deployed the global LED lighting market in recent years, enhancing the company's competitiveness and market share in the international market, and is determined to become the global lighting industry leader. Under the global layout, the Mulinsen sales network covers all of China, overseas branches cover the United States, Mexico, India, and overseas sales points are Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa. In Myanmar, Germany, France, etc., in the first half of 2016, Mulinsen achieved operating income of RMB 84,120,296.06. Mu Linsen officially entered the Taiwan market in 2014. This year, he decided to use Taiwan's Yazhuang Lighting Co., Ltd. as the terminal sales partner of the Taiwan market. It is reported that the sales channels of Yazhuang Lighting are all over the water and electricity lines, mass merchandisers and project projects, and its channels cover more than 3,000. Therefore, Mulinsen hopes to further expand the channels of LED lighting OEM customers in the future with the promotion of Yazhuang Lighting. In the Indian market, Mulinsen joined hands with Jingdian to set up a factory and own 60% of the shares, borrowing the ability of Jingdian to control overseas markets for many years, based on the Indian lighting market. It is also reported that Mulinsen plans to launch the Forest Lighting brand in the Indian market in the second half of this year. In the European and American markets, Mulinsen is optimistic about the prospects of LED filament lamps in the European and American markets, and officially acquired 80% of the shares of Chaoshi Light Source. Super Time Light Source is a foundry of many well-known international retailers and European and American supermarket chains with their own brand LED bulbs. The LED factory of Xinhe (Shaoxing) Green Lighting still owns most OEM orders for LED filament lamps. Subsequently, Mulinsen increased its capital by 300 million yuan, and its shareholding ratio increased from 10.91% to 25.50%. Through the cooperation between the company and Bridgelux in the patent technology and market, Mulinsen's related products can effectively open up foreign patent barriers for enterprises. The products will be paved the way to internationalization, further enhancing brand influence and core competitiveness. Mulinsen successfully won the OSRAM light source business and officially announced on July 26 that he successfully won the OSRAM light source business, which is the new company LEDVANCE formed in April this year. LEDVANCE also has two world-renowned lighting brands, OSRAM and Sylvania, as well as a huge sales channel covering approximately 150 countries. With the distribution channels and diversified marketing strategies of OSRAM in Europe and North America, Mulinsen will use Osram's more than 1,000 LED lighting patents to unimpededly enter the international patent product market and expand the estuary of downstream lighting applications.

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