Under what circumstances the used car can not be transferred

Used cars can not be transferred, the simple point is that the car is your money to buy, but does not belong to you or someone else's, is the scope of property rights transactions. And once this car owner buys it back, if the original owner reports a loss, it will involve an illegal situation. Once it is found, there will be high penalties, not worth the candle. However, more and more used cars on the market cannot be transferred.


There are probably several reasons why a used car cannot be transferred. Some vehicle procedures are not complete, procedures are not complete, can not handle the transfer of vehicles, the required procedures are buyers and sellers of identity cards, vehicle registration certificate, vehicles. Any vehicle that fails to deliver a strong insurance cannot be transferred. The theft of cars by customs supervision of smuggled vehicles cannot be transferred. Vehicles modified without approval cannot be transferred. There is also a case where the annual application for scrapped owners does not comply with the original owner's seal.


Including some accidents, vehicle accidents are more serious, and there are more parts to be replaced, belonging to a large-area refitting range. It is not possible to handle transfer of vehicles. Vehicles that cannot be transferred cannot be bought. In a simple example, the owner of the ownership of the vehicle must be the seller if you are compensated for damage or theft after you insured the vehicle. Moreover, for the seller, the vehicle is not transferred after the transfer, but it is also good for the household to retain ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, when the vehicle was transferred to another person without transfer formalities, the ownership of the vehicle was not actually delivered, and the sale and purchase agreement signed by both parties was not the same as the lease agreement. Therefore, as far as the above situation is concerned, once the vehicle has a dispute, it has a negative effect on both buyers and sellers.

However, among the used cars that cannot be transferred, the problem of not using a high-risk insurance and failing to pass the annual inspection of the used car cannot be transferred. However, it is not easy to buy a black car that cannot be transferred. The first is that the ownership of the vehicle is not the same as the money it is used for. It also means that in case of an accidental third party, the compensation will be paid in full, because it will not be covered by insurance. So big hope to pay attention.

Ball Joint:

The main function of the Ball Joint is to realize the upper and lower bounce and turn motion of the wheel.


There are two kinds of main structure of the ball joint: one is spherical joint combined with the whole joint, the other is a hemispherical joint combined. Before using helical spring structure preloading and wear compensation, now what is widely used is elastic and lubrication synthetic resin tee which can reduce the cost and improve the maneuverability and stability. In addition, the material and shape of the dust cover, oil type has greatly improved, cancel the grease nozzle,of free maintenance.

Ball joint is mainly composed of an end cover, ball pin, tee and dust cover form.


Connection mode:

Due to the size and type of the spatial arrangement of the Control Arm, ball joint is connected with the control arm is as follows, bolt or rivet connection, directly pressed into the control arm and the control arm as one. From the ball head pin development trend, now more and more with the control arm as a whole the fixed ball pin, to meet the needs of small space occupation, convenient loading and low cost requirements. But the type of ball head pin of the service life of the demand is higher, so as to avoid the abrasion of the ball head pin or a failure. The whole control arm and the steering knuckle ball pin connection adopt 1/6~1/10 taper fitting manner.


Perforce Requirement:

It should have sufficient swing angle, in order to meet the requirements of wheel jumping up and down; small friction moment is to ensure that the steering important factors and easy manipulation; should not be caused by clearance of wheel shimmy and abnormal noise; good sealing performance, to ensure that the ball head pin can be used in water and low temperature environment should have the strength and durability; enough to withstand the force and vibration, the wheel came.



For independent suspension front and rear suspension of the ball head pin is an important safety component protection, must be used to ensure the quality of the production process.

1)Attention to the full joint. For hot forging, cold forging, pressing or casting method for manufacturing blank, then cutting. Control of materials and heat treatment is a key factor.

(2) Ball pin machining way for cold forging products is the mainstream. In the heat treatment of the material control is the key factor, in addition to the products of conical connection type, its size accuracy is the key factor of stable fatigue limit, need to take measures in size control of cold forging;

(3) Polyacrylate and polyester elastomer synthetic resin material structure with elastic effect to become the mainstream. In this structure, need tee shape, material design measures, to ensure the production of stable precision molding in the mold, making the fine The degree of control is the key factor.

(4) The structure of ball joint assembly, assembly methods are different, but most of the rolling wheel is the main way. As to prevent the process of different products, bad products, assembly error and so on, take corresponding measures to prevent mistakes, also used to check the torque. Shake angle digital inspection machine, and combining them together to set in the procedure.

Ball Joint

Ball Joint

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