Self-propelled Type A RV: Castle on Wheels

The RV, which is a blend of room and car, is a mobile home. It can be divided into two types: self-propelled and trailer-mounted. Today, Xiao Bian wants everyone to know that it is a self-propelled type A RV . A family of RVs comes with the driving ability of the Big Mac. It deserves to be the most luxurious and most Comfortable RV type, so the outside world to give it a reputation as a "castle on the wheel."


In general, the self-propelled A-type RVs are highlighted by their spaciousness and luxury. There are everything in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and all kinds of furniture. Satellite antennas, reversing monitoring systems, anti-crash vehicle alarm systems, and security alarm systems are all available. That is, "it is all in your family, it is also in your family," and human nature is at its best. For those who are in it, they forget that they are in the car.

Among the domestic RVs worth mentioning is the Jinlong Self-propelled Type A RV 6A. The reputation of Golden Dragon RV started from 2008 when it became the main coach of the Beijing Olympic Games. After the launch of RV 6A, it also caused an uproar in the RV industry. Its overall interior is noble and elegant, and the highlight is its washable floor, which greatly facilitates cleaning. The layout of the car is divided into a luxurious driving area, a spacious reception area, a clean dining area, a comfortable master bedroom area, an upper and lower single bed, and an integrated sanitary and bathing room. All aspects exceed the domestic standards for building a car, the pursuit of world-class quality, so that drivers can operate handy, so that passengers enjoy their enjoyment. Of course, if people are not perfect, there will not be perfect objects. Jinlong RV 6A lacks a sense of beauty in appearance, and netizens rushed to think of it as a bus. And its standard price of up to 8 million also makes people talk, many people said that "8 million is better to buy sets of real mansion." In fact, in addition to home travel, this type of RV has many commercial uses. Its various configurations are indeed high-end, and everyone can choose according to their own economic conditions and needs.


When referring to foreign RVs , I have to mention Volknermobil’s self-propelled Type A Performance ultra-luxury RV, which is a castle on wheels that was built on a $15 million investment. Although its appearance is not as good as the sci-fi form of Elemment Palazzo, it is also aesthetically pleasing. It specifically divided a secret compartment in the front and rear wheels, and the local tyrants in order to open a supercar come with an invisible garage. If you drive a RV, you can park in the desert grassland of the sea, but there is no problem, but if you need to go to the urban areas to buy ingredients, it is extremely inconvenient. This RV will solve this problem, allowing buyers to switch arbitrarily in the RV. What's even more striking is that everything in the RV is handcrafted by professionals and combines materials, craftsmanship and design. All interiors are also tailored to meet customer needs. However, the price of this car is also very alarming, so most are exported to Dubai, the ordinary rich are daunting.

To sum up, "The RV is not what you want to buy, you can buy it if you want to buy it." So if the RV is the home on the wheel, then the self-propelled A-type RV is the castle on the wheel. You can live at home or you can live in the castle, everything depends on your mood, of course, depends on your bank card account.

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