The temperature illuminance recorder has a basis for adjusting the temperature of the greenhouse

The current widespread use of greenhouses is very large. In many areas, the development of facility agriculture is regarded as the basic policy for improving the agricultural production effect and quality in the region. Therefore, greenhouses can be said to be blooming everywhere. Of course, with the continuous advancement and development of science and technology, the materials used in greenhouses are getting better and better, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger. This has also created conditions for the free setting of the greenhouse environment, but these environmental factors and the growth of greenhouse crops are It is closely related, so it can not be arbitrary, but should use temperature illuminance recorder to timely record the greenhouse temperature, humidity and light intensity, etc., so that there is a basis for temperature illuminance regulation.

Temperature illuminance recorder

In modern greenhouses, the use of supplemental light and temperature control equipment can create an environmental condition that is quite different from the outside of the shed. In particular, temperature, light intensity, etc. can be arbitrarily adjusted. Light intensity can affect the plant. Photosynthesis, so by appropriate increase or decrease in light intensity can increase crop photosynthesis, and the growth of crops need suitable temperature conditions, so providing warming or cooling can also play a role in increasing crop growth and increasing yield. However, there is a key part of the housing, that is, temperature, illumination are required to be appropriate, that is, control in a certain range, to achieve this effect, but the temperature, illumination and other environmental conditions are changing, so To control the proper temperature and illuminance, it is necessary to use the monitoring data of the temperature illuminometer as a basis.
The temperature illuminance recorder not only allows the greenhouse temperature illuminance to be adjusted, but also allows the shed temperature illuminance to adjust more promptly. Especially in the critical period of greenhouse plant growth and development, the use of the temperature illuminance recorder can more conveniently and reasonably perform analysis and management work. To avoid too much human-induced interference, the greenhouse environment will be more stable, and greenhouse plants will be able to grow quickly and healthily. Moreover, the work flow will be simplified, the efficiency of work will be increased, and the purpose of cost-saving and efficiency improvement will be realized.

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