The cause of auto ignition

The maintenance of the car is closely related to our daily driving safety. Only by caring for the vehicle can we be able to let ourselves go and be safe. Let's talk about the cause of the car's spontaneous combustion and the related preventive measures.


1, the aging of the wire. After a certain number of years of use of the car, some of the internal circuits will slowly age, and the fixing of the pipes and wires in the engine room is easily overlooked. If you do not pay more attention to maintenance at ordinary times, the aging automobile fuel pipe is very prone to fuel leakage, and the burning point of gasoline is low, and the car is prone to sparks in the movement. One can imagine how serious the consequences are. Most of the fuel pipes on the market today are fixed to the bottom of the chassis using a bayonet. Due to the special location, the lack of corresponding protective measures, therefore, there is a great safety risk to our personal safety.

Preventive measures: The owners should develop regular inspections of the pipelines and wire fixings. Especially in summer, don't add too much fuel because gasoline is a volatile gas. Due to the high temperature in summer, the gas is more active. When the fuel is too full, it will cause a large pressure in the fuel tank. Explosion of the line or risk of petrol emission.


2. Inverter. The use of an inverter can easily lead to overcurrent of the wire and cause spontaneous combustion, because the original appliance on the car has only two rated voltages: 12V and 5V. In addition, the various types of insurance companies have regulations on the purchase of insurance, which allows the adoption of The maximum current cannot exceed 20A. It is precisely because of these reasons that the vehicle cannot directly use high-power electrical appliances, and the role of the inverter can precisely change the voltage of the vehicle, but it cannot fundamentally solve the problem of the use of high-power appliances. If you directly connect the inverter and force the use of high-power appliances, it is easy to cause over-current and spontaneous combustion.

Precautions: Avoid using inverters as much as possible. If vehicles require onboard electrical appliances, be sure to use regular onboard electrical products. If it is necessary to modify the headlights and other electrical appliances, it is best to go to a formal conversion shop with enough technology to refit, and to ensure that the route planning is reasonable, not indiscriminate, random ground.

Cold Mill Temper Rolls

Description: Temper rolls for cold strip mill, also called as skin pass rolls, used to improve the mechanical properties and surface quality of cold rolling strip.

Material: Forged Steel, Chromium 2% , Chromium 3%, Chromium 4% or as per the customer`s requirement.

Barrel Diameter: 1500mm maximum

Unit weight: 25mt/pc

Type: Single rolls, forging.

Cold Mill Temper Rolls

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