Water bath thermostat oscillator motor how to choose

The water bath thermostatic oscillator is a biochemical instrument with a temperature-controllable constant temperature water bath and an oscillator, and is mainly applicable to various large and medium-sized institutions, medical, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monitoring and other scientific research departments for biological, biochemical, and Cell, strains and other liquid, solid state compounds shake culture. The water bath thermostat oscillator motor is a very important part. How can we choose?

Motors are classified according to the type of power supply and can be divided into DC motors and AC motors. DC motor speed control performance, easy to smooth speed, this is the AC motor can not be replaced, and DC motor overload ability, thermal and braking torque greater. However, the DC motor is difficult to commutate, sparks are generated, and the service life is short. It requires frequent maintenance and the price is expensive. The AC motor can be installed with a reducer under the condition of low speed and high output torque. With the improvement of the inverter control algorithm, in addition to the EMC problem, the AC variable frequency drive is dominant or comparable to the DC motor in other problems. In most laboratories, only 220V single-phase AC power supplies are generally used.

The water bath thermostatic oscillator requires a rotation speed of 30rpm-900rpm and a control precision of 1rpm. At a low speed, it requires a smooth output of sufficient torque to drive the belt deceleration wheel to rotate, taking into account the motor price, post-maintenance, and software design. The constant-temperature oscillator uses a capacitor-starting single-phase asynchronous motor.

The working principle of the single-phase asynchronous motor: In the AC motor, when the stator winding passes the alternating current, the armature magnetodynamic force is established, which has a great influence on the energy conversion and running performance of the motor. Therefore, single-phase AC windings passing into single-phase AC generate pulsed magnetomotive force, which can be decomposed into two rotational magnetomotive force sums with equal amplitude and opposite rotation speeds, thereby establishing forward rotation and reverse rotation in the air gap. Magnetic field and. These two rotating magnetic fields cut the rotor conductors and generate induced electromotive force and induced current in the rotor conductors respectively, and the water bath thermostat oscillator can operate.

Therefore, the water bath thermostat oscillator motor is generally a capacitor-starting single-phase asynchronous motor.

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