CSC5081TQZPJH5 type wrecker






Chassis configuration:

Made with Jianghuai Junling chassis, 4X2 drive, single row front swing cab, Weichai 130 horsepower national five engine, 6 gearbox, wheelbase 3815MM, 5 tons rear axle, 7.50R16 wire tire, with power steering, original Factory air conditioning, ABS.

Top loading configuration:

Top loaded with imported hydraulic parts, 1 40KN hydraulic winch (25m wire rope), 1 toolbox, 2 trolleys, 1 pair of L-shaped tire holders, 6 bundles, 1 pair of forks, fork holder 1 Yes, one chain hook.

Vehicle price:

14.9 million

This car has environmental protection announcements and fuel announcements, all of which meet the requirements of the card!

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Direct Marketing Manager: Ge Yuanjia (15972767978)

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Applicable materials :
Wood, bamboo, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials

Applicable industries:

Advertisement, gift, shoes, toys, computers, garments, model cutting, building, packaging, paper industry.

The machine is used Heavy steel tube,

Annealing treatmaet( the structure is put in very high tempreture fire to make it more stronger), very firmly and durable

Adopt Gantry Structure, table Movement.

Wie higher precision and the structure is Morea reasonable

1.The machine is suitable for diversified and complex processing. It is widely used in 3d engraving, drilling, cutting, edging, hollowing, milling shape and so on

2. High processing speed and high efficiency.

3. High speed cnc woodworking atc center.

4. Woodworking industry: Dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, craft doors, paint free doors, screens, window processing mill products shaped sculpture machine

5. Also can be used in processing aluminum board, insulation board,kinds of engineering plastics, MDF,particleboard,Laminate,Solid wood panel, fairway board and others non-metal and soft metal materials.

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