Need to pay attention to those three points in the renovation of small units? do you know?

Urban housing prices are rising, many young people will consider buying small-sized second-hand houses when buying a house, but the old-fashioned decoration of second-hand houses certainly cannot meet the needs of young people, and will be refurbished more or less, but small-sized houses There are several places that can't be touched by the transformation. Can you really know it?

1. The area of ​​the small-sized houses with small walls is not large. When carrying out the renovation of the houses, you must go to the property to make clear that those places can be changed. Those places can not be changed, and it is forbidden to knock, resulting in damage to the load-bearing structure of the house. Renovation of the old house to find a good housekeeper fast.

2, the steel bar in the wall of the shear wall is equivalent to the human bones, the bones are broken, is the house okay? If the steel bars are destroyed when the pipeline is buried, it will affect the bearing capacity of the wall and the floor. After a long time or an earthquake, these walls and floors can easily collapse or break.

3, the room beam column beam column is to take the column above the floor, if you remove the column, the top will fall, so be sure to pay attention.
The above three points are matters that should be paid attention to in the reconstruction of houses.

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