How to deal with ultrasonic level gauge failure

1. What should I do with the ultrasonic level gauge?
Solution: If the meter enters the water, there is no display at boot, it is likely that the instrument board is burned out. It is recommended that the instrument be sent back to the original factory for inspection by professional technicians.
2, the instrument only has backlight after booting, no character display
Solution: After the power is turned on, the meter has only backlight. No other characters indicate that the situation is generally a program chip error. It is recommended to send the instrument back to the original factory for processing.
3. The instrument cannot be used under strong interference on site.
Solution: The instrument cannot be used under strong interference in the field because the power supply has a large fluctuation range, there is a frequency converter or strong magnetic field interference around, and the grounding wire is incorrect. Provide a stable power supply to the instrument. The instrument is installed away from the inverter and strong magnetic field interference, and has a good grounding wire. Ultrasonic level gauges are highly resistant to interference. The upper and lower limit nodes and online output adjustment can be set arbitrarily, with on-site display, and the analog quantity, switch quantity and RS485 output can be selected to facilitate the interface with related facilities.
4. What should I do if the liquid level of the ultrasonic level gauge fluctuates greatly?
Solution: First, add a large amount of time;
Second, use the average of multiple measurements;
Third, if conditions permit, a tube can be added to measure the liquid level inside the tube. Or add an extension tube. The meter is mounted on the tube. The tube is directly to the bottom of the medium, and a bypass hole is opened, which can solve the problems of fluctuations and foams.
5, the instantaneous flow value fluctuates greatly
Solution: The fluctuation of the instantaneous flow value is manifested by two aspects: the signal intensity fluctuation is large and the measured fluid fluctuation is large. The solution is to adjust the position of the probe and improve the signal strength (maintained above 3%) to ensure the signal strength is stable. If the fluid fluctuation is large, the position is not good. Re-select the point to ensure the 5D working condition after the first 10D.
6, ultrasonic level gauge probe condensation dew how to deal with
Solution: Different manufacturers have different products, some manufacturers have mature technology, the surface of the probe has self-cleaning function, and the dewdrops rarely condense! The following methods can also be considered: 1. Apply lubricant to the surface 2, tilt the installation, and remove the dew by gravity.
7. Why can't the ultrasonic level gauge be used for the measurement of high temperature level?
Solution: High temperature will form fog and become dew condensation on the level gauge probe, which will affect the transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves, thus affecting the measurement results, often full-scale alarm or other alarm conditions.
8. Why is the ultrasonic level gauge not suitable for measuring the level of equipment with higher pressure tanks?
Solution: High voltage acts on the surface of the transducer, causing the sound wave to be unable to radiate effectively, even the microwave can not radiate. Ultrasonic and microwave belong to the radar series products. For the principle reasons, under normal pressure, ordinary power can not work. But with increased power for special processing, the ultrasound can still work, but that is too costly.

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