Laboratory samples can provide standard samples for which grain and oil testing projects

Grain and oil testing is mainly to test the quality of wheat, corn, rice and other foods. There are many testing items involved, but many testing items need to be pulverized to obtain the standards that can be used for testing and meet the testing requirements. sample. At present, in the grain and oil testing experiments, we mainly use professional laboratory pulverizers such as laboratory pulverizers to smash grain samples. Therefore, we will briefly introduce the laboratory pulverizers to provide standards for which grain and oil testing projects. sample.

1, gluten value determination
Wheat gluten determination is an important part of the detection of wheat quality, mainly to measure the strength of wheat. To carry out this test, laboratory pulverizers can be used to prepare samples.

2, the drop value determination
Determination of the fall value of wheat, grain, etc., mainly used to measure the α-amylase activity of wheat and grain, correctly evaluate the germination degree of wheat, etc., carry out this grain and oil testing project, and also use laboratory grinder to provide standard powder. kind.

3. Determination of grain viscosity value
Grain viscosity is an important internal quality of grain. By measuring the viscosity of grain, it can not only evaluate the food quality of rice and other foods, but also understand the storage quality of grain and ensure the good quality and safe storage of grain. Prepare a sample of the food viscosity measurement that meets the requirements, and a laboratory mill can also be used.

In addition to the three major grain and oil testing projects described above, the laboratory pulverizer can also provide standard powder samples for the determination of other biochemical indicators. In the grain and oil testing, it is a sample pulverizer with a wide range of applications. The pulverizer has a fineness of 60-100 mesh and a grinding yield of >98%. The pulverizing process is fast and efficient, and the pulverizing effect is good, which satisfies the practical work requirements of sample preparation in various grain and oil testing projects. For more detailed product introduction, price information, etc. of FS-II laboratory grinder, please contact us!

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