· Chongqing plans to build 26 high-speed fast charging stations this year

Recently, from the State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company news, Chongqing plans to build 26 expressway car rapid charging stations this year, as one of the project participants, the company is in full site selection, the site is mainly distributed in Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway Chongqing section of Humin Expressway.
At present, Chongqing has a total of 17 charging and replacing power stations and 467 charging piles. The construction of the charging and replacing facilities management system has been completed, and a charging and replacing service network covering all types of electric vehicles in the city has been initially formed.
According to the plan, Chongqing will build 10,000 charging piles this year. State Grid Chongqing Electric Power has launched a project for the private car and bus rapid charging station. In addition to the planned completion of 26 expressway car charging stations, four cities will be built in the north, north, Jiangbei, Dianjiang and Jiangjin areas. Inside electric bus fast charging station.
According to the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Power Marketing Department, at present, the company is actively participating in the application research of new energy vehicle time-sharing operation mode and the construction of charging facility management platform, speeding up the integration of distributed power supply and 3,000 electric vehicles in the city. Promote the necessary supporting power grid construction and power supply services. The 26 expressway express charging stations planned to be built use 400 volt fast DC charging technology, mainly serving private electric vehicles. Each station has 4 charging piles. Under normal circumstances, electric vehicles are charged for 30 minutes and can last for 50 kilometers. The newly built four city electric public car fast charging stations use a fast DC charging technology with a voltage of 700 volts. They mainly serve electric buses. Each station has 8 charging piles. It can fill a bus for 10 to 20 minutes. Electricity, can last 50 kilometers. At present, the relevant charging station is in the site selection stage.  

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