Shijiazhuang Jinju independent research and development of green cables

Shijiazhuang Jinju independent research and development of green cables. The cable products by Shen Xing Cable Group Co., Ltd. research and development.

It is reported that the enterprise is a large group specializing in the research and manufacture of green environmental protection cables and environmental protection materials. The carbon fiber heating cables independently researched and developed have the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and long service life. They are widely used in agricultural greenhouses, house heating and public Facilities and other fields.

Ultrasonic Lace Machine

1. New computer intelligent ultrasonic generator;
2. 20KHz ultrasonic transducer device;
3. Fixed suspension structure of bottom mold;
4. Single motor speed control system;
5. Manual (or optional pneumatic) pattern lifting system;
6. Double tube rack heavy machine table.

Ultrasonic Lace Machine,Ultrasonic Non-woven Sewing Machine,Manual Ultrasonic Lace Machine,Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine

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