When the clay peach "coincidentally" drying room, the door is opened.

On October 6th, the author saw in the courtyard of the villager Ma Yijiang·Mamaiti of the village of Ali Tengbuloke in Hejing County and Jingzhen Town. There is a hot drying room that is processing peaches and less than 10 square meters. On the other hand, two team members in the village team are busy helping him choose high-quality peach.

Sima Yijiang·Mamaiti said: “After the fresh peach is sent into the drying room, it must be dried continuously for 50 to 60 hours, and then dried for drying. The drying time is about 2 days. After the peach is dried, the optimal inferior is made. , unified high temperature sterilization, packaging, and enter the market."

It is understood that for a long time, after the ripening of the peaches in the village of Alitenbroke, in addition to the sale of the market and the self-sufficiency of some farmers, most of them are dried by the farmers according to the soil method. Not only the sanitary conditions and the quality of the peaches are poor, but the loss rate of the peaches. It also reached 15% to 30%. During the visit, the resident team of the village found that the village peaches had the innate resource advantage in making peaches. The soil peaches had sufficient water, and because of the long sunshine time in Xinjiang, the taste of the soil peaches was very sweet, and the climate in Xinjiang was dry. It is also easy to store after the peach is dried. It is a good project to increase income and get rich.

In 2016, with the help of the resident team, Sima Yijiang, Mamati self-raised funds of 23,000 yuan, state subsidies of 46,000 yuan, built a hot air drying room in their own courtyard, not only solved their own home The sales problem of peaches has also acquired the fresh peaches of other farmers, and the average annual purchase of peaches is about 30 tons. Solved the problem of difficult sales of fresh peaches in neighboring farmers. Going out of a courtyard to get rich road.

Sima Yijiang·Mamatie said: “4 kg of fresh peaches can be baked out of 1 kg of peach dried. The purchase price of fresh peaches last year was 1.5 yuan/kg, and the dried apricots were naturally dried at an average of 10 yuan/kg. The average quality peach is 25-30 yuan/kg. There is a profit margin of 19 yuan per kilogram of peach."

Zheng Liuyi, secretary of the Party Committee of Hejing County and Jingzhen, said: "Because the soil peaches are piled up on the market and are not easy to store, they must be sold as soon as possible. Previously, after the ripening of the peaches, the local farmers were self-produced and sold, Sima Yijiang·Buyati After the completion of the hot drying room, the village's soil peaches will be acquired in a unified way, and the deep processing will make the peaches turn into peaches to better enter the market, so that the increase in the income of the farmers will be guaranteed. The courtyard of Sima Yijiang and Mamati has become a good place for working hard people."

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