How to solve the cause of the false liquid level display of the magnetic flap level gauge

There are several reasons for the liquid level error or the false liquid level of the magnetic flap level gauge:
1. It may be that the float density in the magnetic flap level gauge is incorrect, the buoyancy is wrong, and it may not float above the liquid level. This is because the density of the liquid medium in the container changes. If it is installed early, it is due to the production design. In the initial stage, the calculation of the match between the float and the liquid is incorrect, so that the actual liquid level deviates from the liquid level indicated by the place where the float is located, thereby causing an error.
The way to solve this kind of fault is to check the integrity of the pontoon. Take some materials in the tested container and put the floating ball inside to see if it can float on it, so as not to reverse the floating ball during the loading process.
2. Loss of magnetism can cause the magnetic flap level gauge to be lost or the wrong reading is displayed. A good way to do this is to replace the magnetic float.
3. The floating up and down of the float in the container is caused by the interaction of the gas-water mixture and the negative pressure environment. The gas enters from the bottom of the magnetic flap level gauge, and the float ball rises. The upper part of the magnetic flap level gauge communicates with the negative pressure environment. When the gas inside the level gauge penetrates the water surface and is inhaled by the negative pressure environment, the volume becomes smaller due to the smaller volume. Dropping the float, and repeating it, will also create the illusion of liquid level fluctuations. In this case, you should first observe whether the display of the magnetic level of the liquid level gauge and the fluctuation of the upper display are consistent. When the fluctuation is not severe, first close the connection valve of the liquid level gauge and the measuring container, open the sewage valve to discharge the sewage, and continue to check the liquid level gauge. Whether there is any problem with the float itself, if there is no problem, check the liquid level gauge, the lower plug and the drain valve and the connection flange for leakage, and observe the liquid level gauge by changing the opening degree of the upper and lower valves of the liquid level gauge. Volatility. Through the above measures, the quality of the level gauge can be determined.
4. If it is a remote transmission, the digital display has an error when reading the remote transmission signal. The reason is that the digital display has failed. This kind of failure is to check and repair the remote transmission part and digital display in time. The problem of the table, this part of the fault is solved, the measurement data is back to normal.

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