Control valve basic products and special, special products between the relations

Variety of valves, series, specifications too much, the initial users always feel indistinguishable, especially in the face of special difficult products are often feel unable to start. According to my experience in lectures in classes, according to nine categories to summarize and clarify its structure, application characteristics, to clarify the relationship between special and special products and nine categories of basic products for understanding the control valve to improve The selection of quality control valve will be of great help. Control valve varieties, series, specifications too much, the initial users always feel indistinguishable, according to the author in the class lectures experience, according to nine categories to generalize and smooth, first divided into nine categories of basic products, get Clear its structure, application characteristics, this section and then summed up their main parameters, working conditions. When the conditions of use beyond the table two conditions, it must be based on the corresponding base product to improve the special requirements, it becomes a special product, such as strong corrosive media need to improve the material for corrosion resistance; high pressure valve to consider the strength and service life; cut off Valves consider the throttle seal; not clean media to consider anti-blocking. In structural selection, such as high-pressure valve, usually angle high-pressure valve, when the pipeline requires horizontal installation, they selected through the single-seat high-pressure valve; when the caliber of the big lax requirements, you can also choose high-pressure butterfly valve. In a particular or designated occasions, the so-called special valve. Such as for caustic soda evaporation system designed for caustic soda valves; for water treatment system (desalinated water) dedicated valve for water treatment valves, as well as ammonium phosphate valve, wet chlorine valves

Gantry Crane can be a Single Girder Gantry Crane, Double Girder Gantry Crane, Rtg Crane or project gantry cranes with capacity 1t - 900t. Gantry cranes are usually employed to handle project materials, bulk material, containers, etc at outdoor working site, container yard, shipbuilding yard, bulking material site, road construction site, etc.


Features of Gantry Crane:

1. Box type girder, weld structure, large working space, and convenient installation and maintenance;

3. Components is of standardization, seriation and generalization;

4. Power supply can be from cable reel (left and right) and conductor bar( left and right);

5. Broad view of cab, equipped the internal linkage control console, flexible and comfortable operation, install of fan, heater, cooler, air-conditions and intercom  according to the customers' requirements;

6. Customized lift height, span, power supply, operation (pendant, cabin) and gantry crane structure (girder, supporting legs, cantilever).


Main Data of Gantry Crane:

Capacity: 1t - 900t or custom

Lift Height: 6m - 40m or custom

Span: 6m - 70m or custom

Work Duty: A4, A5, A6,A7or custom

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Gantry Crane

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