Media: China's auto industry is attracting world attention

The Italian “24-hour Sun” issued a review article on April 21 stating that China’s auto industry has obtained orders through the government’s full support, large investment in automotive industry companies, and cooperation with international design companies. People's eye-catching progress. A group of self-owned brand companies such as SAIC, Chery, Nanjing Automobile Group, Geely and Great Wall Motors were born and have already made preparations for entering the international automotive market. The creativity, innovation and originality of some brand cars are increasing day by day. However, Chinese brand cars have a long way to go in the world. According to the results of car crash tests, some experts said that the safety and reliability of Chinese cars still need to be improved. The automotive industry in Japan and South Korea has gone through an incubation period of 30 years and 10 years. The twists and hardships of this process can be imagined.

At present, China's branded automobiles need to overcome three major obstacles to enter the global market. First, they need to meet the average quality standards of internationally renowned companies. Second, they must establish a global market system for car marketing, such as sales system and quality assurance and after-sales service system. Third, it is necessary to create well-known brands with high credibility, safety and reliability and strong competitiveness. As Ford Motor Co. President Bill Ford said, "Building a car is easy, but creating a brand is difficult."

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