Improvement of Rotary Valve Bearing Structure

In our plant high-pressure low-density, low-pressure high-density, linear low density three sets of polyethylene devices, rotary valves for the transport of plastic granules or powder. Due to the limited production process, the rotary valves are set up single, there is no spare valve. Therefore, the operation of rotary valve is stable or not, the product quality and output are directly related. The working parameters of the rotary valve of our plant are as follows: rotation speed 7r / min ~ 45r / min, shaft power 2.2kW, air volume 2160m3 / h, wind pressure 0.06MPa, maximum conveying capacity 8t / h and operating temperature 40 ℃. Rotor diameter φ400mm, rotor effective length 620mm. Before the transformation of the rotary valve bearing structure shown in Figure 1. With the continuous operation of the rotary valve, the shaft seal is gradually subject to wear, plastic powder through the shaft seal into the bearing, making the bearing quickly stuck, resulting in downtime maintenance. The means of maintenance is to replace the bearing and shaft seal, time-consuming and labor-intensive, affecting production. Therefore, we aimed at how to avoid the plastic powder inside the bearing, the rotary valve bearing structure was improved. The improved bearing structure shown in Figure 2, the bearing and shaft seal separately, the shaft seal from the skeleton seal to soft packing seal, found that the powder leakage can be tightened at any time gland. Even if some slight leakage, it will not enter the bearings, thus ensuring the stable operation of the rotary valve. Figure 1 Figure 2 It turns out that the rotary valve bearing structure after the effect of transformation is good, then did not stop production. Due to the low speed rotary valve, bearing natural wear and tear is small, a life cycle of up to two years.

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