Taizheng Instruments launched a pneumatic automatic burst strength testing machine in July

Automatic burst strength testing machine features:
1. Adopt advanced microcomputer detection control system and digital signal processing technology to ensure accurate test data. 2.LCD liquid crystal display 3. With fast, high-quality micro-printer and complete and detailed test data report 4. With real-time calendar and clock, With power-down protection test data 5. Can save power and save double page display The last 99 test records 6. Built-in a small drawer can be placed in various supplies Fully automatic burst strength testing machine Specifications: TZ-101QA
Operation mode: Key operation display mode: LCD liquid crystal display indication error: ±0.5%FS
Indication variability: ≤0.5%
Automatic clamping and loosening device, sample clamping force: >690kPa (adjustable)
Test system tightness: pressure drop <10% Pmax within 1min
Resolution: 1kPa
Exhaust volume: (0.02~0.3) m3 /min
Rated pressure: (0.6~0.7) Mpa
Weight: about 50kg
Hydraulic oil: 85% glycerin, 15% distilled water
Clamp ring material: stainless steel SUS 304#
Clamp ring upper ring: high pressure type Φ 31.50mm
Lower ring: high pressure type Φ 31.50mm
Volume: 44 × 42 × 56cm
Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz 120W
Burden resistance measurement range: 250~5600kPa
Pressurization speed: 170±15ml/min
Standard delivery: one wrench, 1 bottle of special glycerin, 1 bag of calibration film, 1 piece of rubber film can print 99 test values ​​(clamping force, minimum value, maximum value, average value, pressure difference, time)

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