Northwest Air Traffic Control Bureau fully guarantees flight punctuality

Northwest Air Traffic Control Bureau fully guarantees flight punctuality Civil aviation summer transportation began from July 1. The Northwest Air Traffic Control Bureau guarantees the increasing number of flights. From 1st to 3rd, the Xi'an Control Area guaranteed a total of 4,278 sorties of flights, among which, on the 3rd, Xianyang Airport's arrival and departure flights peaked at 671 flights, which was in line with the peak of May 1st travel on April 28.

Safeguarding the normality of flights ensures that during summer vacations, there are more factors affecting flight irregularities, especially extreme weather. For this purpose, the Regional Control Office has specially formulated the "Protection of flights under bad weather conditions." From the beginning of June, all controllers conducted special lectures on control and command and simulator training under severe weather conditions, which improved the responding ability of the controllers and enhanced the coordination and coordination between sector and sector and main and sub-sectors.

Strengthen coordination and communication between military and civil aviation. Since the summer, the Air Force’s transition activities and the launch of more and more balloons have affected the safe passage of civil aviation flights. The Regional Control Office has strengthened coordination with the Air Force and designated experienced controllers to be responsible for the coordination of civil and military aviation.

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