Eaton advocates improving energy efficiency and strengthening environmental protection

Eaton and the media have organized the "Energy Innovation and Sustainable Development Cities Forum" in Beijing, focusing on issues such as the energy challenge in the process of China's new urbanization and the sustainable development of cities, as well as experts, scholars, governments, and business representatives from related fields. In-depth communication and discussion.

Eaton Holds Energy Innovation and Sustainable Development Forum in Beijing
Eaton Holds Energy Innovation and Sustainable Development Forum in Beijing

Zhou Tao, President of Eaton China, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech titled "Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Urban Development." He said: "With the acceleration of China's industrialization and new urbanization process, energy shortages and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. How to use innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency will become the most important and effective solution to promote sustainable urban development. Eaton As a global leading power management company, it has been dedicated to using its expertise in energy and power management to help customers improve their energy efficiency and reduce their impact on the environment, and they hope to take this platform to brainstorm and promote cooperation between companies and the community. Create a road to innovation in China's low-carbon cities."

The “Energy Innovation and Sustainable Development Cities Forum” was launched in 2011 and has been held for four consecutive years. It aims to build a platform for communication and exchange for the exploration of a sustainable urbanization development road, with leaders from all walks of life in sustainable development and energy. In-depth communication in areas such as efficiency and environmental responsibility, sharing of experience, and complementary strengths contribute to the sustainable development of Chinese cities.

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