Medical tank vacuum

Jiangsu East China Machinery Contact: Ye Xing, 15952822199 - Our company provides cryogenic liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen tank on-site make-up vacuum service for various domestic hospitals. The equipment is provided by our company for logistics delivery to customer location Wei customer service. The operating procedures are: on-site measurement of the original vacuum level of the container → recording on the record → signature confirmation by both parties → starting vacuuming → record once every half hour → end of vacuum pumping → provide final vacuuming result → customer acceptance → customer pays off payment To operate, the customer can also request the local quality inspection department to measure the vacuum after the pumping is completed. It is also possible to pay the final payment after reaching the national standard. After vacuum pumped by vacuum, it is obviously superior to vacuum. We provide three years warranty on vacuum after pumping. If the vacuum value exceeds the national standard within three years, we can make free refill. Please be assured to purchase. Contact: Ye Xing, 15952822199 Website:

Sintered Metal Powder Filter elements adopt stainless steel, Bronze powder as raw materials and then produced through sizing, molding and sintering processes. We can manufacture many shapes with microns from 1 to 200. Sintered metal powder Filter Elements are used for muffling and silencing noise, air, gas and liquids.

Sintered Metal Powder Filter Element

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