Chemical fiber spinning metering pump to speed up research and development

In recent years, spinning metering pumps, oil metering pump technology has developed rapidly, increasing variety, improve the technical level. However, with the development of chemical fiber spinning technology, changes in process varieties, chemical fiber spinning metering pump must accelerate the pace of research and development in order to adapt to the needs of chemical fiber spinning.

At present, domestic and foreign markets, the number of domestic metering pump obvious advantages, but the metering pump from the special nature and technical content analysis, foreign metering pump is an absolute advantage. For example, the German Barmag, Snecke UK and other foreign metering pump manufacturers, their product varieties developed rapidly, in particular the British Snec company in recent years invested a lot of material and financial resources to develop high-tech, high-precision Spinning metering pump. The recently introduced 1 in 12 out of 1.6cc / r hot melt planetary nylon spinning pump for spinning nylon poy silk for polyester island composite spinning powerful spinning metering pump for aramid 1313 and 1414 spinning metering Pumps and other products have a higher technical level. Moreover, a large number of foreign metering pumps have entered our market, domestic metering pumps if you do not speed up the pace of research and development, living space will be smaller and smaller.

Metering pump is a high technical content, manufacturing a very difficult key components. Domestic spinning metering pumps, oil metering pumps to accelerate the pace of development must be innovative. From product design innovation, from the part manufacturing process innovation, innovation from the assembly debugging, from the organization and management technology innovation, from the mobilization of people's enthusiasm innovation.

In product design technology, domestic metering pumps should be based on the requirements of chemical fiber spinning process technology and the conditions of various polyester viscosity, designed to meet the spinning process metering pumps.

We should jump out of the original design and manufacture of common specifications of the generic product model, so that users are annoying to choose to use, developed into a user's process requirements, design and manufacture to meet the specific needs of users optimized products.

Spinning metering pumps are components that work continuously in high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments and therefore require scientific analysis and testing in the selection of materials. It is worth learning from the British Snecke spinning aramid 1313 and 1414 to adapt its metering pump material selection Steyr (Stellite) cemented carbide and zirconia ceramic (Zirconiaceramic) as a spinning pump material. The application of new materials, the metering pump processing and heat treatment technology put forward a series of topics worthy of our study.

The pump pump, pump plate, pump cover and gear precision requirements are high, especially the planetary gear, the distribution of more holes pitch, the size of the high precision requirements, the error is small, each process requires a sophisticated Processing equipment to complete. In this respect, Snecker's machining accuracy standard is that the precision of the machined gear shaft position error is within 1um, the surface finish is 0.4umR2, and the unevenness is less than 12 interference fringes (standard blue light) 3.5um.

Metering pump in a certain temperature, humidity, viscosity, torque, pressure and corrosion environment, parts assembly and the coefficient of thermal expansion, the polymer in a certain pressure operation can not leak leaching, and therefore the degree of tightness with high strength screws Assembly and commissioning technology has a great relationship. The Snecker metering pump assembly and commissioning technology to enable the metering pump import and export pressure reached 400bar, accuracy of ± 0.3%, the domestic metering pump in this area there is a big gap.

Metering pump is both technology-intensive products, but also capital-intensive projects, have better market prospects. Domestic metering pumps to be closely integrated with the use of technology, and production and research closely combined with their own advantages and accelerate the pace of research and development.

Heating Element For Water Faucet

Water faucet is more and more high-tech. Not only instant electric hot water faucet brings great convenience to people, but also a lot of problems. The quality of instant electric hot water faucet mainly depends on the material of heating body. Jieda Andetong stainless steel thick film heating pipe is a new type of instant heating technology which is popular in Europe and the United States. It uses screen printing technology. After seven times of high temperature sintering of insulation resistance, it is perfectly attached to the outer wall of stainless steel pipe and has a long service life. There are two main types of thick-film heaters, stainless steel thick-film Heating Plate and stainless steel thick-film heating pipe.

The first brand Feiyu in China of electric water faucet is our major customer. 

comparision of traditional heating tube  

Instant Heater For Water Faucet

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