Electric oil pump in the engine oil fault application

An Isuzu NHR van can not start its engine every morning, but use another car to drag, and it takes a long time for the engine to start. One day, the driver just driving on the road, step on the accelerator plate found: If the accelerator pedal is released, the engine can still smooth low-speed operation. As a result, the driver sent the car to our factory repair.
Test showed that the phenomenon of failure is true, so that the engine oil fault. As a result, the diesel filter was replaced and the low pressure tubing was blown with compressed air. The pump was then filled with diesel oil and air was removed using a hand pump on the water separator. The engine was then started and the accelerator pedal was depressed. At this point, the engine speed from low speed has been rising to high speed, but the engine speed at high speed for more than ten seconds to automatically reduce the speed, and that is, then repeatedly depress the accelerator pedal, the engine speed can not be increased .

Inspection showed that the fuel injection solenoid valve on the injection pump and return valve are good, so decided to test the fuel system with DC method, with a rubber tube to the fuel injection pump directly into the starter, and then repeatedly stepped on acceleration pedal. The engine runs normally during the test, which shows that the high-pressure pump head and injector of the injection pump have no trouble, and the second-stage vane pump has a fault.

After the diesel fuel injection pump inlet pipe installed a QB111 electric pump (fixed on the truck's longitudinal beam, the power line connected to the injection pump power terminal), the troubleshooting. The truck has been traveling more than 10,000 KM normally.

Later, in order to solve a Isuzu NKR truck fuel pump is not the problem of oil, the car was equipped with electric fuel pump; then successfully in a 2.5T forklift with electric pump to replace the damaged mechanical Oil pump, saving thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Apply tp mineral oil, Emulsified oil, Water-glycol, Phosphatide hydraulic oil medium. Used in pressure tube with fluid system,move out the solid particle and gelatinoid in the system.Quality control,Analysis, evaluation,inspection per GB, ISO and SAE Specification.

•Used in hydraulic system.

• Filter media is Complex Fiber.Resin-Impregnated Paper.Stainless

  Steel Sintered Metal Mesh,control cleanliness effectively.

• First bubble point per ISO2942.

• Flow resistance per ISO3968.

• Retained capacity and Filter efficiency per ISO16889.

• Mass filtration precision for choose.

• The size can make to order according to the customer's demand

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