Water truck manufacturers teach you how to maintain and check tires

After the sprinkler manufacturers produce every green sprinkler , they regularly check and repair the tires. However, how do you check the tires? Tell everyone now.

1) Always check if the tire nut is missing or loose.

2) Check whether the tire pressure meets the regulations. It is not safe if the pressure is too high or too low.

3) Carefully inspect the tire for cracks, perforations or other injuries

4) The regular implementation of the tire position can effectively prevent the partial wear of the tire. After the car has traveled for a certain distance, the tires should be replaced. The front tires of the car are generally less worn than the rear tires. In addition, the wear of the left and right tires of the car is also different. In order to make the tire wear evenly and extend the service life of the tire, tire replacement must be performed regularly.

5) Long-distance driving requires a set of tire repair tools, such as tire spoons, hand hammers, jacks, tire sleeve wrenches, barometers, and tire repair materials.

6) Long-distance running vehicles should pay attention to check the air pressure of each tire during rest, and check whether the tire nut is loose or not, whether there are stones and debris in the tire tread, and whether the tire is overheated.

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