Construction machinery industry to strengthen energy-saving emission reduction

Construction machinery industry to strengthen energy-saving emission reduction According to a survey recently released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China is one of the countries with the most wasted natural resources in the world, ranking 56th among the 59 countries surveyed. The construction machinery industry, which is the second largest use of internal combustion engine products in addition to the automotive industry, has caused more serious environmental pollution due to its high emission density and emission indicators that are inferior to those of automobiles.

Under the background of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party including the construction of ecological civilization as one of the five priorities for future work, analysts pointed out that China's energy conservation and environmental protection construction machinery industry will face important opportunities. According to the latest analysis report released by the China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association, a series of policies supporting the development of the environmental protection industry will enter the implementation phase in 2013, and the strategic opportunity for the energy saving and environmental protection construction machinery industry will be highlighted. It is expected that the industry-wide growth rate will exceed 25%.

At the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress held in March this year, the State Council's relevant government work report clearly stated that China's energy saving and emission reduction work has not been completed. Statistics show that China's energy efficiency is only 26.9% of the United States, Japan's 11.5%. According to Jun Jun, president of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China is "the world's largest construction site." Engineering construction has driven the rapid development of the construction machinery industry. However, China’s requirements for emissions from construction machinery products have been relatively loose, which has caused the market to be flooded with high-emission products and has become a heavy burden on China’s current environment. Therefore, the industry calls for the domestic construction machinery industry to take the road of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Taking the road of energy conservation and environmental protection is also a great way for Chinese enterprises to break foreign trade barriers. As of the end of 2011, the annual cost of construction machinery products consumed in China is higher than the total output value of construction machinery in the whole year. At present, the access threshold for markets such as the United States and Japan is continuously increasing. In the setting of trade barriers, the limits of emission standards are the first to bear. Experts in the industry believe that due to the difficulties of energy saving and emission reduction in the construction machinery industry, and the fact that they are subject to technical bottlenecks, it is an effective way to solve this problem by increasing research and development efforts.

The 12th Five-Year Plan for Industrial Energy Conservation shows the overall goal of industrial energy conservation: by 2015, the energy value added by industries above designated size will have decreased by about 21% compared with 2010. The stringent requirements put forward by the state have caused construction machinery companies to place energy conservation and environmental protection in an important position in their development strategies. In addition, at the moment, new urbanization has become a source of economic growth for a long period of time, and will play a positive role in boosting the market for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly construction machinery.

Statistics show that in 2012, the total amount of environmental protection investment was more than 600 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and it was the year with the highest investment growth in the five-year plan. In 2012, under the dual role of national policy support and market demand, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry was in a good state of economic operation and continued to maintain stable growth rates and profit margins. In 2012, the industrial output value and industrial sales value of 1,063 environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises (including environmental protection special equipment manufacturing and special instruments for environmental monitoring) that entered statistical standards were 191.379 billion yuan and 187.947 billion yuan respectively, and the total industrial output value was It grew by 19.46%, and the industrial sales value increased by 19.58%.

Analysts pointed out that in recent years, the economic performance of the industry has highlighted the strong industry-oriented characteristics of environmental protection equipment manufacturing policies and strong anti-risk capabilities. Some experts predict that in order to accomplish the tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction, the construction machinery industry will become an important plate for China to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in the next 5 to 10 years, and its market potential should not be underestimated.

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