Jotun coated Eitzen two largest chemical tankers

Oil tanker (ship-type shipyard trading) operator Eitzen Chemical is using the Jordan's Hull Performance Program (HPS) system for its two largest chemical carriers.

According to reports, the first ship "Siteam Discoverer" hull adopted the SeaQuantum X200 coating in COSCO Dalian shipping in May this year, and the second ship will be coated in the dock in October this year. Rasmus Kjaer, Technical Director of “Siteam Discoverer”, said, “Our company has a strong environmental awareness and strives to meet and maintain high standards to reduce the environmental impact of our ship operations. Therefore, we are very happy to see us 2 The ship used HPS for the first time."

The Jotun HPS is an anti-fouling coating based on the SeaQuantum X200. The SeaQuantum X200 offers a 15% improvement in propulsion efficiency compared to the market's average anti-fouling capability.

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