Chinese merchant ship "breaking ice" Arctic shortens the voyage to avoid sensitive areas

The reporter learned from COSCO Group that the Yongsheng Wheel of the group had recently berthed the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and successfully completed the first voyage of the Arctic Northeast Passage, becoming the first Chinese merchant ship to successfully reach Europe via the Arctic Northeast Passage.
In an interview with this reporter, Ma Yuanhua, Chairman of COSCO, pointed out that in addition to the economic value brought by the shortening of the voyage and navigation time, the successful maiden voyage of the Chinese merchant ship to the northeastern northeast channel has more important strategic significance. In the future, China will have more choices in terms of trade channels. China's merchant ships to Europe will not have to wait on the busy Suez Canal, but also avoid sensitive areas on traditional routes.
According to COSCO, the Yongsheng round departed from Taicang Port in Jiangsu Province and reached the Rotterdam voyage through the Arctic Northeast Passage for 7931 nautical miles. It sailed for 27 days, shortening the range by more than 2,800 nautical miles compared with the traditional route through the Straits of Malacca and Suez, and the sailing time was reduced by 9 day.
Yongsheng Wheel is a multi-purpose vessel belonging to COSCO Shipping Co., Ltd. under COSCO Group, with a total load of 19,000 tons. The ice class is the IceClassB1 of China Classification Society, which is equivalent to the Russian Arc4 level. On August 15, Yongsheng Wheel opened 16540 tons of exported steel and equipment in Taicang Port, Jiangsu Province, and sailed through the Bering Strait to the starting point of the Arctic Northeast Passage on August 27, and passed through the Chukchi Sea, Delang Strait, and East. After the Siberian Sea, the northern part of the Novosibirsk Islands, the Laptev Sea, the Velikysky Strait, the Kara Sea, the northern part of the Nova Scotia, and the Barents Sea, it successfully passed through the northeast waterway.
COSCO Group said that with the global warming, the melting speed of the Arctic ice sheet is accelerating. In recent years, some waters in the Arctic have been in a navigable state for a period of time in the summer, and its “no ice age” has been more than 30 days. Authorities predict that in the next few decades, the summer “no ice in the Arctic Ocean” will likely become a reality. The northeastern North Pole channel has emerged as a prototype for connecting the Eurasian New Route.
The opening of the Arctic Northeast Passage by the COSCO Yongsheng Wheel is of positive significance for promoting the development of China-EU trade and enhancing the competitiveness of the COSCO market. From the perspective of international trade, shipping currently bears more than 90% of China's international trade traffic. The smooth opening of the Arctic Channel will enable China to add two more convenient routes to Europe and North America on the existing east and west ocean routes, which will greatly narrow the distance between China and Europe and North America. Compared with the traditional route, the Arctic channel can reduce the voyage by 12 to 15 days, which can save a lot of ship fuel costs, and save the canal cost, security cost, personnel cost and ship loss.
In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, the opening of the Arctic route will minimize the voyage, reduce ship fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental pollution. According to estimates, China's single-voyage energy consumption to Europe fell by about 35%.
As a multinational company with shipping, logistics terminals and shipbuilding as its main business, COSCO Group currently owns and operates more than 740 modern merchant ships, with annual cargo volume exceeding 400 million tons, and ocean-going routes covering more than 1,500 countries and regions in more than 160 countries and regions. port.

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