Brief description of the failure and improvement measures of axle gearbox

The damage characteristics of the axle gearbox, the flexible coupling and the gearbox suspension are listed below. Reducer suspension: crack at the lifting lug; DJc4. bearing damage; damper assembly loose; to prevent axle gearbox, reducer suspension and flexible coupling: the above failure of the shaft, the following technology must be adopted Organizational measures. If the locomotive section of the coupling housing is fastened to the pinion shaft flange without TP-3 repair, the technically mature M24 bolt must be dispatched. Train the repairman to the locomotive section where the electric locomotive is being repaired. The Roots screw vacuum unit coupling housing was damaged and the rubber rope was pulled from the coupling housing tight factory to study the pull-out process of the axle gearbox, suspension and coupling repairman firmware. They can pinpoint violations of the process and incorrect processes and are pressed out of the pinion shaft.
Pinion parts: He must use each accessory part, the water ring Roots unit for each component. The ferrule of the roller bearing is pressed out from the pinion shaft. As we all know, the reliable operation of the axle gearbox, coupling and reducer suspension, the reducer housing, is mainly related to the quality of the factory repair, to a small extent related to their operation in the locomotive section. The M16 screw that fastens the reducer housing along the mating surface is loose. If the above-mentioned partial breaking is completely in accordance with the technical requirements, the repairing fitter can simply add the lubricating oil on time. Cracks appear in the reducer housing. When the TP-3 is repaired and disassembled, the gears of the large gears and pinions are broken, and the geometry of the large gears of the large gears can be broken when the factory is manufactured according to the drawings; the parts are replaced. The fastening screw supporting the cup cover is broken; the bearing of the axle gearbox, the elastic coupling and the reducer suspension device is damaged; the cause of the damage and its prevention method. The additional ferrule of 2726 axle box bearing is broken and cracked; the cause of damage is 1 and its prevention method is damaged. The reason for the elimination method is that the reducer hanger is different in the shaft of the traction reducer because the diameter of the hinge shaft is 40mm. Uneven distribution of load on the ear side plate on the cracked ear ring. The coaxiality of the ring hole is greater than 0.05mm. The reason for the different axes: the repairing quality of the hinge shaft mounting hole in the lifting ring is poor, and the axial side force of the nut side of the hinge shaft is too large, thereby causing deformation of the ear side plate of the lifting ring.

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