Machine tool industry automation industry how to thrive

Machine tool industry automation industry how to thrive After more than 50 years of hard work, China's machine tool industry has made great progress, providing a large number of basic technological equipment for the national economy and national defense construction, and making important contributions to the country’s modernization process. The entire industry is composed of eight small industries including gold-cutting machine tools, forging machinery, foundry machinery, woodworking machine tools, measuring tools, abrasives, machine tool accessories with rolling function components, and machine tool appliances with numerical control system. The products produced by various small industries are divided into several types and numerous varieties and specifications according to different characteristics, and a manufacturing system with relatively complete varieties of types, mainframes, and supporting parts has been formed, and there are scientific research institutes with considerable technical strength. A group of key enterprises.

China has entered the ranks of the world's machine tool producing countries, big consumer countries and importing countries. There are a total of 2023 enterprises in the machine tool industry in China, of which 959 are state-owned enterprises, accounting for 47.4% of the total; 758 are private enterprises, accounting for 37.5%; 306 are foreign-funded enterprises, accounting for 15.1%; total assets of the industry are up to 117.5 billion yuan. Employees have 520,000 employees.

With the deepening of reforms, a multi-economy coexisting pattern has been formed, and the machine tool industry has shown a good situation of rapid development. It has begun to enter a new phase of simultaneous growth of development speed and economic operation quality, and has made China a major player in the manufacturing of machine tools. The development of a powerful machine tool manufacturing company has created a good foundation. The specific progress of the machine tool industry competitiveness analysis is as follows: 1. The output value of production has increased at a rapid rate and the economic benefits have been significantly improved. 2. The development speed of CNC machine tools is higher than the average growth rate of the industry.

With the macroeconomic downturn, the profits of machine tool companies are constantly being compressed, especially labor-intensive companies are facing unprecedented pressure. Strengthening the automation of equipment, improving the degree of automation of production, reducing labor intensity, and improving the operating environment have become the common consensus of the manufacturing industry.

From the perspective of the international environment, the world-wide economic and social development pattern is undergoing constant changes, which engenders tremendous opportunities as well as severe challenges, and has brought about profound effects on the transformation and upgrading of China's machine tool industry. Judging from the domestic environment, the basic conditions, intrinsic motive power and long-term trend of the development of China's machine tool industry have not fundamentally changed, but the traditional development model faces many challenges. It is imperative that the machine industry's industrial structure optimization and transformation and upgrading are imperative.

In the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, changing the economic development model is still the key point. Raising the level of automated manufacturing is the way to achieve it. In the next five years, automation will usher in great development. With the prosperity and development of the machine tool industry automation industry, China's industrial structure upgrade and technological progress will have more sufficient power and more diversified options, thereby accelerating the realization of the traditional industrialization path mainly relying on the growth of scale to rely mainly on technological progress and sustainable development. The new road to industrialization has changed.

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