Benefit sharing quality across Kumho Tire Sail 2013

On December 20th, 2012, Kumho Tire held the 2012 final summary conference with the theme of “For every kilometer” in Beijing. Mr. Li Hanxi, chairman of Kumho Tire China, fully demonstrated Kumho Tire’s transformation in recent years. New achievements and new progresses in thinking, talks about the development and future of companies in a new market environment.

The soon-to-be-passed 2012 is the first year of Kumho Tire's strategic structural adjustment. Goals from improving market share to pursuing sound development of companies and markets, Kumho Tire will make “customer satisfaction, quality first” the top priority. For this reason, Kumho tires made positive changes and achieved outstanding results.

In terms of products, Kumho Tire is relying on its international R&D organization and professional team in Tianjin to optimize its product structure, improve product quality, and continuously make efforts in high-end products, enriching consumers' choices and launching in 2012. The new products tailored specifically for Chinese consumers have received good market feedback. ECSTA Wing Chi LESport KU39 ultra-high performance luxury sports tires, driving speed up to 300 km, to ensure maximum stability at high speed; SOLUS Shu Le Chi SA01 high with affordable tires, 2 layer "skeleton" design 2-layer carcass cord design , Full-size heavy armor and 360 degree side "armor" technology, taking into account handling performance, safety performance, quietness. At the same time, Kumho Tire also launched a variety of “tire experiential camp” activities on the basis of high-density sponsored auto races and acceptance of competition inspections to allow products to receive more acceptance from ordinary consumers for life testing and obtain Good results.

In terms of service, Kumho Tire further improved its service guarantee system featuring “VIP protection policy.” On the issue of tire sales, which is generally concerned by everyone, in 2012, Kumho Tire Co., Ltd. made a decision on the scope and conditions of tire replacement on the one hand. A great deal of compromise has opened up the industry. At present, a number of designated tires and market-selling Kumho tire products can meet this service condition. On the other hand, Kumho Tires has taken the lead in implementing a wide range of protection commitments to consumers. The "Three Guarantees" period was extended from the three-year period generally implemented in the industry to five years. "Quality Lake Kumho" is not just a slogan, but a market behavior.

In terms of social responsibility, Kumho Tire actively involved in caring for vulnerable groups. In 2012, Kumho Tire cooperated with the China Peace Development Foundation, established the “Future Belongs to Children” Fund, donated special children, and cared for children’s growth; organized staff’s care for nursing homes. Orphanages, etc. expressed the strong desire of Kumho Tire to take root in Chinese soil and build a harmonious society.

In 2013, Kumho Tire upgraded its business philosophy to “enhance the quality of life of Kumho Tire benefit-sharing people.” In the future development, Kumho Tires will pay more attention to the systematic construction of corporate value and continuously improve products and services. Quality brings practical consumer value to consumers; Actively improves and optimizes company's channel management and service policies to bring more favorable development value to Kumho Tire collaborators; In-depth promotion of corporate culture and environment construction for Kumho Tires The employees created a harmonious and active working atmosphere; they continued to invest in social charity activities and fulfilled the social responsibilities Kumho Tire took on itself to achieve the healthy development of the company.

Kumho tires are being guided by new development strategies. Benefit sharing allows Kumho Tire to build and serve the community with a broader and longer-term mindset. With quality across, Kumho Tires will win every success with a more professional and focused attitude. In 2013, Kumho Tires started sailing.

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