Jiangsu Petroleum and Chemical Industry Continue to Rise and Stabilize

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According to the latest data from China Drying News, from January to November, 4284 oil and chemical enterprises above designated size in Jiangsu Province achieved current industrial output value of more than 1,476.805 billion yuan and sales value of 1,438.304 billion yuan, an increase of 12.07% and 11.19% year-on-year, respectively. The third consecutive month rose. Judging from the output value of a single month, the industry’s total current industrial output value has stabilized at over 130 billion yuan for the 9th consecutive month, reaching a record high of 141.858 billion yuan in November; the monthly growth rate of single-month output value has continuously risen and maintained The two-digit increase reached 13.24%. Although November's output value achieved a year-on-year and a quarter-on-quarter increase, the increase rate was lower than that in October, and there was still some uncertainty in the basis and prospects for the recovery of the industry economy.

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