Where is the way out for the capital chain to break LED companies?

It is understood that since last year, we have heard news about LED lighting companies closing down and bosses running around us. A very important reason for these bankruptcies and running is the break of the capital chain. At the same time, we have heard that there are no Less LED lighting companies are listed in the queue, is it only the listing to solve the funding problem? Why don't you go to the market to get money from the market? Where is the way out for LED lighting companies?
According to reports, the overall LED sector has changed in the near future, and the industry is full of confidence in the LED lighting market this year. The external factor is that the recent customs data reflects that the LED off-season in the fourth quarter of 2013 is not weak, Taiwanese manufacturers' shipment data exceeds expectations, and the US market has completely banned the production and import of incandescent lamps since this year; endogenous power is, the price has been with incandescent lamps. Close, the price of the price has slowed down, and large-scale shipments of companies in the industry.
In the Chinese market, not only emerging LED manufacturers are actively deploying the LED light source market, but traditional lighting manufacturers with brand and pipeline advantages are also actively adopting a two-pronged approach to expanding the LED lighting business in the form of online and physical stores. The government is also working hard to subsidize policies. Active role to promote the development of the LED industry, while dissolving overcapacity caused by excessive subsidies of upstream equipment and corporate closures, it is expected that China's LED lighting products will increase by 86.
The way of thinking to decide the way out may be mainly related to the policy support given by the state. Many LED lighting companies have taken a fancy to state subsidies from the beginning, so LED lighting companies have been established continuously, and even reached more than 10,000 in just a few years. . However, the bigger the cake, the more people want to eat the cake, so with the further deterioration of the economic crisis, the development of the popularity of civilian LED lighting lags behind, and at the same time, because of the intensification of vicious competition, many LED lighting companies are in the funds. In terms of chain, there are bomb attacks in the market, and hidden crises are exposed, so the tide of closure will come.
The so-called way of thinking determines the way out, perhaps because of the impureness of the engine, the USP that did not really form its own brand, not good at marketing planning, many LED lighting companies have encountered unprecedented Waterloo, but also greatly affected The reputation of the entire LED lighting industry.
Therefore, at present, for LED lighting companies, the more important task is to hurry and break the business ideas. According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, re-recognize LED lighting from the consciousness and attitude, don't take the policy given by the state as a means of collecting money, and don't take the LED lighting as the arrow in the hands, otherwise It will really make the company enter a bad development state more quickly, and it is already unfortunate that it is unfortunate!
From the perspective of development, the development prospects of LED lighting companies are actually quite large. We can foresee both technical and economic aspects. However, it is critical that LED lighting companies must find this way out. Use the brand's ideas to re-operate the enterprise. Only in this way can the company go steady and go far.
To do it, the first one has been analyzed by industry insiders. If LED lighting wants to have a bigger market, it will lower the price. However, at present, it is still difficult. It seems that no one wants to do the price like Galanz. Butcher.
In a way, there is always a price for everything. Just like the drum washing machine, from the material used to the finished product, even if you are a sophisticated accounting expert, you can hardly believe that its price can be 999 yuan, so when Galanz stood out, the Galanz brand washing machine would Selling 999 yuan, it suddenly triggered the mouth of the industry, and finally Galanz had to stand up and clarify that this is the price after the subsidy to the countryside, the actual price is still 1,200 yuan.
Therefore, for LED lighting companies, the price of using it for civilian use must not be reduced? So, how is the policy given by the state used? This point is estimated that LED lighting business owners are more clear than us! However, I believe that for the industry analysts know that the price of LED lighting can still be reduced, but everyone is not willing to do so, I am sorry to everyone. In fact, according to the author's recent understanding of the market, the current wholesale price of 3W LED bulbs is around 11 yuan, similar to the wholesale price of some big brands of energy-saving lamps, and even some wholesale prices of energy-saving lamps High, it can be seen that the price of LED lighting used in civilian use can still be reduced. Why not dare to be the first one? Galanz is a well-known price butcher in the home appliance industry, but after it pulled the price of the microwave oven to the lowest in the world, it seems that it has not died. It has become the best selling brand in the microwave oven!
The power of using the channel may be that LED lighting companies think that your price is not the lowest, so you will compete with you at a lower price. At this time, it seems that you have lost the advantage of competing with others. In fact, don't worry, this You must be good at using the power of the channel.
As for the power of the channel, in fact, we can see from this year's NVC storm that the channel is still out of date. Therefore, when we initially establish the image of the price butcher, we have to start raising the banner of the channel competition. Of course, we can't blindly compete for channels. After all, we may have focused more on engineering channels. At this time, our products are for civilian use, and the direction of channel expansion has to be transformed into wholesale channels. However, we must first stabilize the engineering channels, which is the foundation of our development. At the same time, using the advantages of engineering channels, while using the power of the brand to start looking for wholesale channels. However, the relevant policies of wholesale channels can learn and refer to the channel policies of peer energy-saving lighting enterprises, and can no longer use the policies of engineering channels, and follow the customs.
Of course, our product development can no longer stay in the lighting of engineering lamps such as spotlights, ceiling lamps, searchlights, etc., but also to develop children's lamps, table lamps, low-wattage bulbs, and so on. In fact, in terms of these civilian lamps, it is very simple for LED lighting companies. After all, LED is a light source. As long as the lighting source for civilian use is changed to LED lighting, is it solved? "Follow the WeChat public number nine positive lighting network; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities!" Jiuzheng lighting network QQ group

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