Jichai Successfully Developed the First Domestic High Speed ​​High Pressure Displacement Compressor

On January 11th, a 50 MPa high-speed, high-pressure and large-displacement compressor unit developed independently by Jichai Chengdu Compressor Factory completed a load test in the factory, measured the maximum discharge pressure of 51 MPa, and the host vibration value was 2 to 3 mm/s ( The national standard value of 18mm/s), noise and other performance parameters meet the design technical requirements, and the unit operation is stable, indicating that the Jichai Chengdu Compressor Plant has taken a solid step in the oil and gas fields to implement gas injection and oil recovery to increase the oil recovery.

Gas injection enhanced oil recovery is a major science and technology and field test project during China's “12th Five-Year Plan” period. Pilot tests are being conducted first in oil fields such as Dagang and Tarim, and the core equipment for testing—high-pressure gas injection compressors are required to be satisfied. Inlet pressure 1.6 to 2.5 MPa, exhaust pressure 40 to 60 MPa. In China, high-speed, high-pressure and high-displacement compressors with a capacity of 35 megapascals or more have not yet matured manufacturing plants. The high-pressure compressors used in oil and gas fields are all imported.

In order to break this situation, the company’s exploration and production branch organized a gas exchange high-pressure compressor technology exchange meeting and asked Jichuan Chengdu Compressor Plant to overcome the design and manufacture of high-pressure compressor core technologies to provide equipment support for gas injection tests. . To this end, this plant has developed a 50-60 MPa high-pressure compressor based on the existing 35 MPa compressors.

Jichai Chengdu Compressor Factory is one of the earliest manufacturers of 35 MPa high pressure compressors in China. During the development of high-pressure compressors, this plant gave full play to its technical advantages and solved key technical issues such as overall selection, design of high-pressure cylinder components, manufacturing technology, high-pressure machine components and skid technology, and completed in-plant load tests and on-site industrialization. Subjects such as test and research have established a back pressure system with adjustable pressure and stable flow and a maximum pressure of 50 MPa to ensure the success of the simulation load test in the factory.

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