Problems with slow water absorption in sprinklers

Common faults of the sprinkler: The pump cannot absorb water and can not produce water or water for a long time. However, all the work of the sprinkler produced by our factory can not be separated from the water pump. However, the water pump is the most vulnerable component.
When the sprinkler cannot absorb water, please follow the following steps to test it step-by-step. First check whether the water pump outlet and outlet switch of the sprinkler pump is turned on. The sprinkler pump is a self-priming pump. When the water is used for the first time, the water should be poured. Check the front section of the suction tube. Whether there is debris in the filter clogging the inlet; paragraph by paragraph inspection of the inlet pipe is sealed, remove the fault of the leak; ordinary water truck pump used water diversion height should be less than 5 meters; check the sprinkler pump oil seal is damaged, pump Shaft leakage affects the degree of vacuum, seals should be replaced; sprinkler engine speed is too low, can not reach the required vacuum, adjust the throttle to make the speed at about 1700 rev / min, the gearbox may require different engine speed is different; Check whether the sprinkler power take-off is working or not. The power take-off and the drive shaft can cause the water pump to fail to work. Check whether the sprinkler water pump speed is normal and there is no abnormal noise. If you can't move it, there is a lot of debris around the blade.
Then avoid long-term idling of the pump in the process of detection, causing the pump temperature to be too high to affect its life

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