Beijing leased hard call guarantee promised actual effect

Beijing leased hard call guarantee promised actual effect Beijing taxi call number 961066 was officially launched on January 1. The Municipal Traffic Committee once said that it will strive to achieve passengers with a success rate of more than 99% for booking a car within 4 hours from 7:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the 6th District, 7:00 pm to 7:00 pm the next day. Guaranteed 70%-80% success rate.

Yesterday, on the first working day after the unified call number was activated, reporters selected three locations for morning and evening peaks respectively, trying to dial the 96106 instant calling vehicle. In addition to a successful call to the outside of the vehicle, there was no driver response in the remaining times. Receive SMS notification.

At the Beijing taxi dispatch center, passengers complained that the car was booked 9 hours in advance. As a result, no car call was announced. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the dispatch center stated frankly that in the early stages of operation, it was unavoidable to expose some problems. The promise of “about 4 hours ahead of schedule guaranteeing about 99% of the vehicle” has difficulties in actual operation.

9 hours ahead of schedule dial the city's taxi reservation platform phone "96106" but no car, passenger Wu (a pseudonym) almost delayed the meeting on Monday morning.

Yesterday was the third day of the 96106 taxi booking platform being commissioned. It was also the first time that the real workday morning peak test had been passed. However, the first examination did not seem to have passed. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Taxi Dispatching Center stated that some problems will inevitably be exposed in the initial stage of the trial operation and it is hoped that the public will understand it.

Early peak booking calls ring

At 8 o'clock yesterday morning, the dispatch center for more than 30 seats already had 18 dispatchers. They are engrossed in the computer and keep answering the call.

According to the person in charge of the dispatch center, the peak hours of the morning peak connection start from 7:30 in the morning and continue until 9:30. At this time, in principle, 22 dispatchers are required to answer the appointment call online at the same time. "We did not have an increase in the number of vehicles after the platform was activated, but we do not have this data." She said that intuitively, the frequency with which dispatchers pick up the phones has increased. "Basically one minute, no more than a phone call."

Approximately no car will be assigned in advance

Around 9 o'clock, the dispatch center received a complaint. Mr. Wu, a passenger, said that he was about 9 hours ahead of schedule and was preparing to leave from Guangqumen to Xiaojieqiao at 7:20 today, but he was not contacted by the driver until 7:00. "If I change my bike temporarily, this morning's meeting will be delayed."

The staff of the dispatch center stated that there will be problems in the system to help check the order. "We will reply to you later."

Regarding the occurrence of such situations, the person in charge of the dispatch center explained: “This thing is just used, it is inevitable that there are some minor problems, and we are also improving.” However, she frankly stated, “About 4 hours in advance, the car can guarantee about 99% of the time. The promises of the operation have difficulties in practical operation, especially in the early morning peaks, road congestion, and some drivers are unable to catch up even if they want to grab a single ticket. Second, those short-haul cars often have low reservation success rates. "The driver is not willing to empty the car to pick up people, and he still can't earn much money."

The person in charge said that in order to realize the promise, the dispatch center will go through the process once for orders booked in advance for four hours. If the dispatch centers of each company have no driver to answer, they will make another call 30 minutes before the car time. (Immediate car call), if there is still no vehicle response, they will call the rental company or driver, point to point to assign vehicle orders, so as to ensure the appointment success rate of 4 hours in advance.

Some cars will be equipped with passenger transponders

“Shanghai Dianjiu is so mature. Sooner or later, the peak will not dare to promise to passengers.” The responsible person frankly stated that at present, Beijing’s implementation of the call is still very confident, and it is also constantly improving procedures and processes. Including the "non-compliance" of the punishment and the establishment of electric facilities and other supporting facilities.

It is understood that there are no corresponding incentives and penalties for the four-hour appointment commitment. The dispatch platform brought together five dispatch centers in the city, including Qihua, Jinyinjian, Zhongtian Tianchang, Asia-Pacific Axis, and the Communications Video Dispatch Center. An order transfer car is used between them, but whether or not the car is successfully transferred after the transfer, the dispatch center cannot directly obtain feedback information.

Next month, the Chihuahua dispatch center will take the lead in its 29,000 taxi installation feedback system on its network. In other words, a function key is added to the GPS. After the driver receives the passenger and presses the button, the dispatch center will automatically generate the “order completed” record, so as to count the success rate of the reservation and master the “satisfied” condition of the taxi driver.

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