On rainy days, Dongfeng Sprinkler is not water but loneliness.

On rainy days, the sprinkler trucks still work.

The public is puzzled, netizens joked, “It is not water but loneliness”

Sanitation Department said: is to better wash dirt

Yesterday morning, Ms. Chen, a Suizhou citizen, said that she had been splashed with mud in the water column that was sprayed on her way to work. She did not understand why it rained, there was still water on the ground, and the Dongfeng sprinkler had to work hard.

Dongfeng sprinkler is very "hard-working", rainy days still work

According to the contents of the post, yesterday at about half past noon, when she was at work to the junction of Sakai Avenue, I suddenly heard the music of the Dongfeng Sprinklers approaching and quickly jumped to the sidewalk to escape. It was still caused by the sewage splashed by the Dongfeng Sprinkler. Dirty clothes.

"At the time, I would not mention how much I was upset. I would go back to change my clothes and go to work. I am sure I will be late and depressed." Ms. Chen said that if it is sunny or the temperature is relatively high, the Dongfeng sprinkler can come out of the water and dust can be understood, but in the first two days of rain, the ground is still wet. , "Dongfeng Sprinkler is still necessary to work?
More users replies: "The Dongfeng Sprinkler is not water, it is lonely."
However, some members of the public think that it is possible to sprinkle water on rainy days for better dust removal.
The owner of a stationery shop said in a reply that every day Dongfeng sprinklers will be regularly sprinkled water, do not consider the specific conditions of the road, "every time I hear the sound of Dongfeng sprinklers, many people go to my shop to drill, react slowly It's easy to be splashed with mud."

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