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Dongfeng DLK suction sewage truck (4 cubic meters) Model: EQ1081TJ12D1 Specifications: 4m³ Chassis: Dongfeng Emission standard: Ⅲ Engine: Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel 120 hp DLK suction sewage truck (4 cubic) Product Overview: Thank you for your busy schedule of In order to check Dongfeng Doolika Sewage Cart (4 cubic meters), our company can customize the Dongfeng Doolika Sewage Cart (4 cubic meters) according to the user's special needs, due to different vehicle models, engine differences, and steel price fluctuations. Such factors make Dongfeng Doolika Sewage Suck Truck (4 cubic meters) price will be different, and need detailed Dongfeng Doolika Sewage Suck Truck (4 cubic meters). Picture Configuration Please contact our sales manager, we will provide you with the most professional Products and services, our company hereby promise: Where to buy my company's special automotive products, our company has implemented a year free warranty, lifetime maintenance and technical tracking services.
Vacuum Sewage Vehicle Introduction:

Vacuum suction vehicles, also known as sewer trucks, sewer trucks, sewer trucks, and sludge cleaning trucks, use vacuum negative pressure principles to suck fecal matter and liquid filth into vehicle-mounted storage containers to achieve container collection of feces, reducing secondary usage. Pollution, and equipped with vehicle-mounted cleaning devices, are the preferred equipment for improving the level of sanitation management in urban and rural areas and improving the working conditions of sanitation workers. Sewage suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects and relays cleanup of transportation sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. Sewage suction truck can be self-priming and self-discharging. It has fast working speed, large capacity, and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting transportation manure and mud. Crude oil and other liquid substances, Dongfeng Doolika Sewage Sewage Vehicle is particularly suitable for the suction, shipment and discharge of sludge in the sewer, especially for objects with large suspended solids such as sewage sludge, stones, bricks, etc. Hubei Aoli Dongfeng Dolika Sludge Vehicle adopts the domestic leading technology vacuum pump (Japanese technology) which has the advantages of large suction force, long suction range, and low heat generation.

Vacuum Sewage Vehicle Features:

Dongfeng Doolika Sewage Cart is mainly used to clean city sewers, pipeline sediments, dead mud mud dredge, this model is usually used in conjunction with high pressure cleaning truck, you can also view our high pressure cleaning car products or direct purchase of high pressure cleaning Sewage suction joint dredge car products.

Our company Dongfeng Doolika Sewage Pump has features such as high suction efficiency, self-priming, self-discharging, and direct irrigation. Pumping time for manure tank: ≤ 5min, suction process: ≥ 8m. According to the characteristics of long service life, fast working speed, easy operation and convenient transportation.

The head of the can body is die-cast, the can body can be opened, and the double top can be dumped. The dirt in the tank can be dumped directly through the rear cover, with a high degree of vacuum (more suction than a suction truck), large tonnage, high efficiency, and a wider range of uses.

The Dolica Sewage Pump Suction Pump can be self-priming and self-discharging. The suction tank can be hydraulically unloaded and the back cover can be opened hydraulically. The suction pump has a high vacuum degree and a long suction range.

【The main technical parameters】

Total mass


Tank volume

4 cubes

Rated contained mass


Overall dimensions mm


Maintenance quality


The number of passengers in the cab


Approach / departure angle


Front suspension/rear suspension


Number of axes




Axle load


Maximum speed



Transport medium: sewage, density 1000 kg/cubic meter, effective tank volume: 4 cubic meters. External dimensions of the tank straight section length × diameter (mm): 3000 × 1300. With the optional chassis cab. Side protection is symmetrical with cold-formed channel steel / Q235-A, threaded connection. After the protection of cold bend channel steel / Q235-A, welded connection. The height of the rear protective section is 100mm, the width of the section is 50mm, and the height of the lower edge is 500mm.

[chassis technical parameters]

Chassis model


Chassis name

Car chassis

Trade name

Dongfeng Brand


Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.



Number of tires


Approach / departure angle


Tire specifications

7.50-16, 8.25-16, 7.50R16, 8.25R16

Number of leaf springs


Front track


Fuel type


Rear track


Emission Standards

GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 State III

engine model

Engine manufacturer

Displacement ml

Power kw



Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.





The composition and working principle of vacuum sewage truck

Sewage truck components: oil-water separators, water and gas separators, power take-offs, drive shafts, dedicated vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, pipe network systems, suction tubes, gravity valves, vacuum tanks, connected vessels Dung window), hand-washing device, automatic anti-overflow valve, hydraulic kit.

Sewage suction truck working principle: Because the suction hose is always immersed on the liquid surface, the air in the fecal tank is sucked and becomes thinner because it cannot be supplemented, resulting in the pressure in the tank being lower than the atmospheric pressure. That is, under atmospheric pressure, the suction hose enters the tank. Or because the siphon is close to the bottom of the tank, when the air is continuously discharged into the manure tank, it is compressed because it has no way out, so that the pressure in the tank is higher than the atmospheric pressure. The manure is discharged under the action of compressed air, through the siphon tube, and the suction hose. Outside the tank.

Sewage suction car classification

According to the brand classification: Dongfeng Sewage Suction Vehicle, Liberation Suction Vehicle, Futian Sewage Sewage Vehicle, Heavy Duty Sewage Sewage Vehicle, Shaanxi Steam Sewage Suction Vehicle, and JAC Sewage Sewage Vehicle.

According to the appearance classification: single bridge sewage suction truck, double bridge suction sewage truck, flat suction truck, tip suction truck, small suction truck, medium suction truck, large suction truck.

Classified by volume (tonnage): 3 tons of sewage suction trucks, 4 tons of sewage suction trucks, 5 tons of sewage suction trucks, 6 tons of sewage suction trucks, 8 tons of sewage suction trucks, rear 12-ton sewage suction trucks, and double bridges Tons of sewage suction trucks.

Our company's conventional products: Dongfeng Xiaobawang Sewage Cart, Dongfeng Duolika Sewage Cart, Dongfeng 140 Tip Sewage Cart, Dongfeng 145 Sewage Cart, Dongfeng 153 Sewage Cart, Jiangling Sewage Cart, JAC Sewage Cart, Futian Sewage-sucking vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, sewage trucks, sedative vehicles, Dongfeng Tianjin suction sewage trucks, Dongfeng Tianlong rear bridge sewage suction trucks, and high-pressure cleaning sewage trucks.

Suck truck users can choose blue cab white cab, blue cab, engineering yellow and other colors according to their preferences.

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