Environmentally-friendly nitrile rubber developed successfully

Environmentally-friendly nitrile rubber developed successfully On November 6, with the last rubber product flowing out of the production line, it marked the success of the development and production of Lanzhou Petrochemical NBR3305-E environmentally-friendly nitrile rubber products. After rigorous testing by the inspection department, the physical properties of the product meet the user's requirements.

In recent years, as environmental protection products have entered people's lives, domestic and foreign rubber processing companies, especially European and American markets, have increasingly demanded environmentally friendly nitrile rubber products. Lanzhou Petrochemical is targeting this business opportunity and accelerating the development and production of environment-friendly nitrile rubber. Since the beginning of this year, the organization of scientific research and professional and technical personnel has seriously explored and optimized the new product's physical properties, operational indicators, etc., and continuously improved its production technology and technology. The production parameters. In order to meet environmental protection requirements, Lanzhou Petrochemical has conducted trial production of emulsifiers for many times on the basis of optimization of raw material configuration and adjustment of formulas, researched and solved difficulties in the production process, and created conditions for industrialization tests.

NBR3305-E environmental protection nitrile rubber new products are widely used in fitness equipment, children's toys and other manufacturing areas. The successful production of this product not only provided environmentally friendly nitrile rubber for domestic and foreign markets, but also promoted the company's clean production level and further improved the market competitiveness of Lanzhou Petrochemical.

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